Going all in on the present step *WILL* take you where you want to go

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.’

I both love and hate cliches.

Love them because they’re true.

Hate them when used tritely.

Today though, it spoke to me.

I had a moment this morning as I pondered my life and what I was doing with it,

feeling slightly like there’s so much ahead, so much to do.

That quote came to me ‘randomly’.

I realized how true it was.

So much ahead, and all it takes, every day, every moment, is one step.

One step in the right direction?

I don’t know. *shrug*

One step in the wrong direction?

Who knows?

Just one step.

The step after that, is not my problem.

Just the one right here.

Right in front of me.

All that there was, all that there ever will be, is being here now, breathing in all the now-ness, the god-ness, the me-ness of this moment.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like.

Because it’s a step.

It doesn’t matter that I feel like I’m going backward.

It’s a step.

It doesn’t matter that I feel like I’m making leaps and bounds.

It’s a step.

Being in it, all of it, is everything.

All of the questions, the feeling alone, the inner struggle, the constant coming back home to myself, the little wins, the learnings…

It’s all here, all for me, and me for it.

This is it.

Though the journey has already started, the next step is always the first step… again.

Again and again and again and again and again.

The journey is forever, and each step is the first.

Nothing that worked in the past is guaranteed now.

Everything I learned in the past is a gift.

It’s not needed.

And it’s not necessarily guidance for the future.

It’s a gift.

Something to hold lightly as I step ahead.

One more time.

First time, again.

The journey begins anew again and again and again.

It’s being here, presencing myself to my life, my soul, my god, my truth that the journey comes to life, the next step, the first step is clear.

Where is the end?

I have ideas.

I have propositions.

I have hopes and dreams and desires.

They are all meant to come to life, they all meant to bear fruit.

Then, with all of my being, my destiny is not in the culmination of those dreams.

My destiny lives and breathes and thrives here, right now.

In this step.

This moment.

The journey unfolds as I choose who I am, as I remember what I am, as I allow through me the flow of the universe, of God.

And knowing the magic of the universe, there is no clear trajectory, except self-actualization in all ways.

There is no prescribed method of being.

There is only this moment, this step, this breath.

And being here in it all, guarantees the fulfillment of it all.

It is enough.

It has always been enough.

It has been more than enough.

It has been everything.

And it continues.

To be felt, to be known, to be surrendered to here, now.

The journey is not so much of looking out there, beyond into the destination we are walking toward.

The journey is the constant awareness of the preciousness of our beings, our lives,

the trust that what we desire is true,

the staying the course of being exactly who we are.

When we do, the journey carries us to where we are meant to be.

How can it not?

When we are constantly choosing who we truly are?

When we are embodied in our true essence?

How can every step NOT reflect us?

How can every moment of our being NOT tell the truth of us to the world?

And how can the world NOT respond to us in the way we were meant to be seen, known, heard, loved, held?

The physical journey is secondary to the journey within.

Sounds SUPER cliche, right?


I know.

I will say one thing about cliches.

They are cliches for a reason.

Because they hold some level of universal timeless truth.

And when spoken in a true moment, from depths within, the cliche makes sense.

It strengthens, it fortifies, it reminds us of our truth, it can bring us home.

I digress.

This morning, as I thought about that cliche (‘the journey of a thousand miles blah blah blah’),

I turned around – in my mind – and beheld my journey thus far.

I saw that in many many many, actually, if not ALL the freaking moments, I had no idea what the F I was doing.

I feel like a lot of my life was spent in questions about where it was going to end up.

But I will say one thing about the way I did my journey, after I ‘woke’ up to life and God in 2008:

I spent every moment in the moment.

I presenced myself to the preciousness, the truth, the fullness of each moment.

I didn’t learn this from anyone (meaning you don’t have to follow any particular teacher or teaching).

I didn’t have a practice to get to this place – though I did, out of pure overflow of curiosity, desire, and love, pray and meditate for hours a day and read and reread the teachings of the bible.

But those things, I did out of the full presence of myself.

I didn’t know what doing that would get me, and I really didn’t care.

I did what came through me at that time.

I did a step at a time, following what was true for me in that moment, changing course if what was true changed – because it surely does.

I had no idea what my life would look like years down the line, the person I’d be.

I didn’t care.

I held in my heart the love I felt for myself, for the universe, for God, for the world and lived from that place every day, every moment, every breath.

And I came to this place, today.

None of it is accidental, yet none of it could have been predicted.

That is the way with the universe, with God.

Going all in on the present step WILL take you where you want to go.

It WILL fulfill your heart’s desires.

Going all in on your present IS trust.

It’s trust in the process, trust in the journey, trust in your connection with universe, your higher self, your higher calling.

If you want a level of trust in yourself, in God, in LIFE, it takes a certain level of awareness of who you are.

If this is you, if you are craving a deeper life, a deeper being-ness, a deeper sense of yourself, it is for you.

It’s real.

And fortunately for you ;), I have spots available to work with me 1:1 to get you grounded in the way of life and you that you were Always meant to be.

In this 6-week program, you will be supported with weekly private calls and unlimited chat access to me.

This is a highly tailored program based on the truth that what YOU came here to experience, become, and create is unique to YOU.

If you know this is you and you are ready to step into the deeper level of knowing and presence,

I wouldn’t wait.

Comment, PM me, or email me – grace@gracejyk.com – and let me know what trusting the journey means to you.








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