You are the focus of Great Love

PC: Soul

Things are always coming together for you.

You are not doing your life alone.

You have the company of the universe with you, for you, of you.

There is great love for you, right where you are, here and now.

There has always been great love for you.

You have made the universe smile again and again and again…


By being you.

Isn’t that what you’ve been all your life?

Wasn’t it so easy?

And true?

Yes, even the parts of you and the parts of your life that felt difficult and less than what you wanted to see come out of you…

still those parts are loved and always have been.

It is important for you to know this.

Not because you need to change anything.

Not so you can now work toward being worthy of this perfect love that has ALWAYS been the case and NEVER intends to change.

Not for any reason,

other than for you to know it.

To hold it close to you.

To feel the warmth and sweetness of grace.

To receive love into you.

Because that is what you are.

You are the focus of Great Love.

You are the center of a lovingly kind universe.

Your existence is of massive importance in the grand scheme of things.

I know, sometimes, there seems to be so much proof that says otherwise.

So much pain, hurt, fear, anxiety, unhappiness, frustration, depression, violence, dis-ease, sickness, etc etc etc.

And sometimes it feels like we’re just a teeny tiny speck of nothingness taking up space in our little corner of the world.

Who are we?

Why TF are we here?

Why do we matter?

Why does it all matter at all?

Why am I living THIS life?

I know, I get it.

I see it too.

And the truth is, this crux is the greatest one you will ever encounter.

It will determine the quality of your life,

what you attract,

who you become.

You are at the nexus of the meaning of life.

That feels lofty to say.

The truth is, what you see in the world is real, in the sense that you can sense it.

AND there is more.

There is the part of you that yearns for more, the part of you that wants to BREATHE,

to SOAR,

to EXPAND beyond all boundaries and rules and standards, 

to SELF-ACTUALIZE the fullness of who you truly are.

There is a part of you that looks at the world and wants MORE.

THIS part of you is true.

THIS part of you calls you home because, quite frankly, you are MORE than the sum of what you see in the physical mirror.

Your questions about life stem from a place of truth, a place that KNOWS that it is SO.MUCH.MORE. than what you’ve allowed yourself to believe.

And when you are ready, it is available to you.

How do you access it?

How do you experience it?

I don’t purport to know the answer; it differs per person.

But I do know, it begins with something as simple as acknowledging, admitting, whatever you wanna call it…

ultimately: coming face to face with the truth of who you are.

That you are more than a physical vessel made of bone and blood.

You are the carrier of the universe,

of Great Love,

of pure intention,

of your soul.

The crux is looking at both sides of reality – the side you can sense, hear, touch, taste, see,

and the side you can’t, the side that is embedded within the core of who you are and connected to, God and the universe…

and putting your weight on one or the other.

If you choose to back your physical reality, you will get more of it.

And unless you like what you’re experiencing, you will re-cycle the same relationships, experiences, dreams, issues.

It feels cruel, right?

But you keep cycling, until maybe you’ve had enough of the pain, enough of the crappiness, and then you will come back to this same question.

Because all of you will be asking – is this it?

Is there nothing more to life, to me than the physical experiences I keep attracting?

To be able to ask that question is the key to your humanity and divinity.

You will continously ask the same question throughout your life.

There’s no pressure to choose one over the other.

There is only: What Is.

You are already coming home.

You have been coming home since the day you came into the world.

This has always been your calling:

coming home to soul.

Remembering who you are.

Remembering your relationship with God, the universe.

Remembering the perfect pleasure of being you.

And that leads me back to the second choice:

putting your weight on the possibility, 

even the slightest possibility, 

the teeniest tiniest potential,

that there is more to this life than meets the eyeball.

Because otherwise, what is life?

The series of re-cycled events and happenings and interactions and and and???

Or is it really about experiencing something deeper, something that is so true,

SO freaking real,

SO freaking good,


that you don’t have to stop for one gatdamn second to ask:

what is the meaning of life?

Because not only will you KNOW it,

you will FEEL it.

And actually, you will KNOW it BECAUSE you FEEL it.

THAT is the nature of life.

THAT is the nature of Great Love.

When we open ourselves up to it, and it is TOTALLY our choice, we allow it to breathe into our hearts, our bodies, our minds, our spirits.

And when we lean into it, we allow it to take over.

Not like a possession…

but kinda like a possession.

When all of you is ignited and alive and firing up with the energy of the universe,

the freaking love of God,

the magnificent power of the freaking cosmos.

All LIT TF UP… in you.

Do you see?

YOU are the pathway.

YOU are the gatekeeper.

It is YOUR belief that unlocks the actual real experience of Life.

And from THAT place, you will see…

things have always been coming together for you.

Life is MEANT to work in your favor.

You ARE favored.

And sometimes, in the midst of all the crazy aliveness, you can still hear the thoughts that say otherwise.

I tell you – YOU have the choice to STILL put your weight behind one way of being over the other.

It is continuously a choice.

It gets easier.

I promise.



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