You Are The Key

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In the world I grew up in, and maybe the world you grew up in, there’s been a lot of talk about being overachievers and perfectionists.

I’ve never truly aligned with those labels.

But at one point in time, I wished to be considered as such,

to be someone who was doing big things in her life,

forging ahead creating shit and whatnot,

being a high performer.

But when it comes down to it and I look in the mirror… there’s really not one overachieving perfectionist ounce in my body.


I’d been told that’s what I should aspire to be,

someone at the top of her class,

someone at the head of the pack,

someone who daily kicks ass and takes names.

Do you relate to this?

And I tried.

I really did.

I gave school the best I could.

I gave school after school my all.

I followed self-development IG accounts and signed up for motivational newsletters and attended webinars to learn what I can do TODAY to beComE tHe bEsT veRSiOn of mE.

After many years of drinking this interesting-tasting kool-aid, I’m here to announce – no more.

I have realized that in those years of trying to fit in as someone who actually gives a fuck about grades and rankings and success and impact,

I did the thing that, at the end of my life, I would point to as the thing I REALLY fucked up in life.

And that is,

not being me.

It also is,

not backing all of me,

and also,

not trusting myself,

and let’s not exclude,

not believing in me and the way I do life.

I don’t regret a freaking minute that I experienced to learn this lesson.

AND I’m glad to have learned what I learned so I can NOT live on old paradigms.

Because honestly, I’m done with the idea that becoming successful and creating the life I desire HAS TO COME FROM BEING ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

Yes, I agree and believe that action is required AND I believe action flows when we truly choose and allow ourselves to be exactly who the freaking freak we are.

Because, yes, there is GREAT potential in all of us.

But not ALL of us have been taught to embrace and express the parts of us that don’t ‘look’ high-powered and go-gettin’ and ambitious.

There are so many aspects of humanity, so many facets of you and me, things that the world and society have NO stinkin’ clue about.

Things that defy popular belief about success and greatness.

There is something powerful resting in the truth of who we are and it comes to life when WE choose it.

When WE choose to see it,

honor it,

love it,

believe in it,

we unleash it all,

we lean into the magic within,

and then we explode that shit into the world –

in exactly the way WE want to.

I’ve lived under the shame of not being successful enough,

expressed enough,

powerful enough,

productive enough,

blah blah blah enough.

I’ve lived against strange standards that could never match up to the weird inside of me.

You get me?

I don’t look or act or feel like what I’d been taught about being powerful, strong, expressed, etc.

And it’s a beautiful thing.

It’s a beautiful life I live.

It’s a beautiful thing I’ve chosen,

to be all of me.

And actually, within the intricacies of the parts of me that don’t match up with normal ‘success’ lies the magnificence of the unique expression of the universe that is ME.

All of which is born into the world through my choosing me.

It’s the full-on backing of me by me that creates the space for the absolute magic and wonder and power and pure love to flow through.

THIS is how we are meant to live.

THIS is how life is meant to be lived.

THIS is the truth of everything.

You are the standard.

You are the key.

You are the way.

You are the everything.

If you believe it, then you know it.

If you want to believe it, then you’re on your way.

Let yourself believe it.

This is your micro-evolution.

You taking the reigns of who you are based on what feels GOOD and RIGHT and TRUE to you is everything.

Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know diddly squat.




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