You are everything God wanted when she breathed into you

PC: Soul

At the end of the day, you have only you.

At the end of the day, it will be you and the universe.

At the end of the day, you answer to the standard of your heart.

It’s only known by you.

It guides only you.

It may not and will not make sense to others.

It is for you,

for you alone to wander through,



try on,

feel out,

step into,









It’s yours.

It’s a beautiful thing.

It’s a true thing.

It’s a you thing.

It’s a life thing.

It’s a why-you-came-here thing.

Ya feel me?

We came into each of our lifetimes uniquely created and designed.

Is it not our destiny to live it out?

To live our design?

To express what lives embedded in us,

our hearts,

our cells,

our souls?

You are the complete expression of the Divine.

You are perfect.

You are sacred.

You are holy.

You are everything God wanted when she breathed into you.

Ultimate perfection.

You are here to live your calling aka You.

It is enough to do that.

At your deathbed, what you will remember and honor within yourself is not what you accomplished or even the people you love.

You will remember and honor the integrity with your soul with which you lived.

Or lack thereof.

Not a surprise that so many elderly regret not doing what they wanted to do, be who they wanted to be, more than anything else.

At the end of their life, it becomes clear – there is really only one thing life is made up of:

the all-ness in which they show up.

It’s really that simple, y’all.

If you ever want to understand any form of unhappiness or strife in your life, ask yourself where you are not fully being yourself,

expressing yourself,

allowing yourself the space to fucking BREATHE,

and letting it all be OKAY.

Your fucked up situations usually stem from a level of not owning yourself,

from getting sidetracked by other people’s words and feelings and experiences,

from compromising your truth,

from buying into ideas and beliefs that you actually don’t give a shit about.

There’s a whole energetic struggle that comes with not living as who you truly are.

It’s against the flow,

it’s against the law of your heart,

the command of your soul.

Yet no one will crack down on you for not living in integrity.


Life will.

Life will show you all the ways you betray yourself.

It will show you in your body,

through dis-ease,

through discomfort,

through pain,

through insomnia,

etc etc etc.

It will show up in your emotional well-being,

through depression,

through hopelessness,

through anxiety,

through fear,

through unhappiness,

through anger,

through triggered-ness,

etc etc etc.

It will show up in the physical world through blockage of the things you want,

through never quite ‘getting it’,

through setbacks,

through money never really reaching your bank account,

through money seeming to always leave before you had a chance to enjoy it,

through challenging sticky situations,


It will show up in your relationships through emotional distance,

through deeply rooted disagreements,

through resentment,

through grudges,

etc etc.

You get the idea.

No one will beat you down for not living your truth,

but you will get proof of it.

Because Life is faithful.

So faithful that it will show you exactly what you need to see, if you are willing to see.

At the end of the day, the question will be around – are you clear with yourself?

If you are clear with yourself,

you are clear with God,

you are clear with the universe,

you are clear with the powers and force that brought you into being.

And when you are this way, there is no feeling quite like it.

It’s as if you’ve slipped into the perfect bodysuit,

hugging every bit and edge of you,

as if there’s no difference between the bodysuit and your skin.

It’s as if you’ve come home.

It’s where you feel free,

free to do things your way,

to feel good about whatever you want,

to follow your smallest and biggest desires – just because.

It’s the knowing that all is well and it is enough.

It’s being, how you are exactly you, now and forever.

Falling into that truth saved my life.

I don’t think there was anything else, really, that did it for me as that did.

Once I knew this, there was no turning back.

And ever since my first experiential encounter with this idea, it’s been a continual deepening, delving, diving into more and more and more of it.

I’ve watched things in my life absolutely evolve with ease and grace and love, the more and more I walked in integrity with my soul,

agreeing with what was coming forth for me, with what felt and was true for me.

We will live out our destiny, whether we choose to align with our soul truth or not.

Our lives will always read the embedded truth within us.

How that looks is up to us.








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