You don’t actually need to understand why you are where you are in order for you to get past it

‘You have to have the big picture in mind’

‘Your vision will lead you’

‘You will go where you put your attention’

These are all true, for sure…


sometimes, in the day-to-day, in the melee of life, you get lost and feel lost and don’t know what the HELL you’re doing and WHERE you’re headed and WHY you feel stuck and etc etc etc.

Sometimes, in the present moment, in the midst of everything, you know you have a vision and you can’t seem to connect with it and it just feels… far… so far away.

Sometimes, you feel up to your eyeballs in your own shit, in confusion, in disorientation regarding the things you know you want, the things you know you’re meant to create, have, become.

Sometimes, life just feels hard, damnit.

Sometimes these feelings come up because something happened,

a triggering event,

a painful memory,

a situation at work,

a challenging issue in your relationship,

etc etc etc.

And sometimes these come up seemingly RANDOMLY.

Ugh, those times are sometimes the most ANNOYING and ARGH because then what next?

And why now?

Why me?

And then you remember thinking that you need to know where your end destination is and never let it out of sight and blah blah blah.

In those moments, they just sound like freaking cliches.

They fall dead to the ground,




And even MORE overwhelm and frustration ensues.

Fun stuff.

I’m here to tell you, in those moments, there is something really important that will shift that experience.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

I don’t know…

Do you think you can handle this??

Okay fine.

What I want you to know today,

whether you feel what I described above right now or whether you’ve felt it before,



You don’t need to freaking understand where you are and why you’re feeling this and how to get out of it and feel better and do all the things and blah blah blah.

You don’t need to get why you feel so far from where you want to be.

You don’t need to get to the root cause.

You don’t need to be able to make sense of it.

When you reach what you feel like is the end of your rope,

it’s time to chill out.

It’s time to loosen the hold on reality.

Yeah, I said it.

But won’t you then REALLY lose touch with what’s going on?

Won’t you then REALLY get lost????

That’s the freaking point.

I will say this again and again and again and again…

who you are and what you came here to be is NOT locked into what is happening in this moment.

You are part of a bigger picture,

part of a bigger journey,

part of humanity expanding into a fuller expression of its inherent divinity.

You are already part of it.

You don’t have to ‘get’ anything, especially not in that moment.

Don’t you see, you naturally have been inclined to that destination just by being you.

The questions you ask about life, about yourself,

the desires for something greater, for beautiful experiences, meaningful relationships, etc etc etc.

These are all leading to the fullness of life you’ve always been destined for.

Whether you make it there or not is not the point.

It’s far from the point.

You are already in the flow.

And when you try to understand and nail down what the HELL is going on when you feel off and fucked and disappointed and hopeless,

you resist the flow of LIFE.

You actually resist LOVE.

I know, so cheesy.

But the law of the universe is Love.


It not only desires to fill our lives and bodies and hearts with Love,

but it orchestrates life for us, around us, within us.

And our job is to allow ourselves to be human.

To feel what we feel, to know what we know, to be where we’re at…

and let it all be okay.

It sounds SUPER counter-intuitive, right?

Like if I don’t UNDERSTAND what’s going on, then I don’t know how to get OUT OF IT

and if I don’t know how to get out of it, I WILL BE HERE FOREVER

and for DAMN SURE I won’t get to the destination

and I will utterly fail at life and everything I was meant to do and be and have


ACTually, my friend, life is working for you whether you know it or not

Life is working for you even when it doesn’t feel like it

Life is working for you when it doesn’t LOOK like it.

Life is working for you PERIOD.


The end.



Life has always been working for you.

Do you not get that?

Do you not get that God and the universe and your motherfucking SOUL have been on your side, bringing you to where you need to go,

introducing you to people you need to meet,

creating you as the person and being you are???

This is the truth.

You are not alone.

You are part of the cosmic quilt.

And your soul is not a dumb rock that will leave you out from it all.

It can’t not, because it is PART OF THE SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE.

You are massively supported, from within.

Your DNfreakingA is coded for your evolution, your expansion, your majesty to explode into the universe and the world and everything you do.

Do you get that???

You’ve never been alone.

And there is a greater force that holds everything together and moves it along for the GREATEST GOOD.

It’s actually evident if you look in the mirror.

The way your body is designed to take care of itself WITHOUT YOU UNDERSTANDING A GODDAMN THING ABOUT HOW IT WORKS.


The way your body is still kicking and alive after ALL the shit you put it through.

Until it cannot, it will always support you in your journey.

And how do you know when it cannot?

You’ll be dead.


But until then, because you’re CLEARLY not dead yet, you probably just need to chill out a bit

and let the greater non-physical part of you aka your soul take care of you.

Otherwise you’re gonna run the physical part of you, the physical experience of you, not just your body – into the ground.


I’m creating something to help you along your journey as a human intending to more deeply live into your truths and divine-ness.

Basically, get your shit together on the soul level – without being all woo-woo (which I have nothing against lol).

If you are on your spiritual journey and wanting guidance that’s NOT all about processes and shiz, I want to share with you the things I’ve learned on mine.

It will be at a crazy introductory price for the first couple weeks because I luh yah and I know it will be a no-brainer.

I’m excited to share it with you.




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