You are the thing that melts the heart of God

PC: Soul

Everything is energy.

If you feel stuck in physical life i.e. things are not moving forward in your job or relationship, etc.,

the good news is, the solution is easier than you think.

The bad news is, it’s not visible and tangible.

Well, the bad news is only bad news if you choose to continue not seeing things for what they are.

Which is,

everything is energy.

Every single thing in your life is a reflection of you.

Let me clarify:

every single thing in your life that you are emotionally connected to, is a reflection of you, your inner world.


I’m not tryna talk shit on you or anything, but if you don’t like what you see in your life, you got some shit happening inside you,

some judgments,

some fears,

some misbeliefs,

some weird ideas about how the world works.

Nothing wrong with them.

But see, because they’re ideas and energies within you, you can instantly shift them.

You don’t have to spend money to fly across the planet to an obscure healer and perform rituals in order to be right within yourself and with God, universe, whatever.

It can happen now.

Energy is instantaneous.

It doesn’t need time to process, gather, muster up, prepare.

It goes where you flow it.

It shifts according to your intention.


Like rah now.

rah now rah now.

But sometimes it feels easier to DO something about the thing that makes us unhappy.

And that’s fine.

You will keep doing as long as you feel it’s working for you.

And when it doesn’t (or rather, you’re tired of having to work at the thing you desire), then you’ll look elsewhere for a solution.

You can try addictions to escape.

Some people do that.

It works for them, until it doesn’t.

You can try putting it on others.

Many do that.

It works until it doesn’t.

And shit usually blows up.

Speaking from experience here.

Or you can try actually honoring the whole of who you are, that the thing wanting to be responded to is not what’s happening, what you sense with your senses,

but the inner part of you, that is the true you.

Because yes, you are worthy of honoring.

Yes, you are worthy of your attention and intention.

Yes, you are worthy of getting to know you.

Yes, you are magic, like you’ve always wanted to believe.

Yes, you are wildly supported and loved by the universe, God, spirit, etc.

Yes, all the things you desire are real and true and meant to come to fruition in the most beautiful way for you.

But how can they, when you are focused on things that are not actually who you are, but just reflections of the real thing?

You’re looking at the fruit of an old reflection, rather than the actual creative power that flows within you effortlessly, infinitely.

You are the real thing.

You carry within you, the truth you need and want to live your life beautifully, powerfully.

You are a magnificent creator.

You are energy.

Every part of you is vibrant and buzzing with fullness and Life and Love and potential.

Your cells, every molecule that makes up YOU, everything around you, is an extension of you, placed in your vicinity on this planet in your lifetime for YOUR uplevelment, YOUR expansion, YOUR growth, YOUR coming home.

You are incredibly powerful in your being you.

And the way you truly be you is to behold you.

To let all the stories fall away,

stories of why you can’t let things be easy,

stories of why you can’t receive love,

stories of why you are broken,

stories of why you are helpless,






Simply behold yourself.

A truly masterfully designed creature of wild capacities for love and beauty and adventure.

You are the thing that turns the universe inside out.

You are the thing that melts the heart of God.

You are the thing that soul loves to love.

You are the thing.

The real thing.

Pure positive energy.

Here to be all of you, the real you, the energetic you.

And everything else is in service TO you embodying this part, the whole of you.

There is not one single process that could lead you to living this truth.

It is a constant and simple choosing and acknowledging of you.

Of acknowledging that you are more than what you see in the mirror, the circumstances you find yourself in.

You are pure truth in human flesh.

It is your birthright and mandate to open up to what is already there and own it as who you are.

That is how powerful you are – no one can do that for you.

It is all on you.

And it is all meant to be owned by you.

It gets to be easy.

You get to be you, easily.

From there, you can watch your life unfold,

washing over even the most challenging parts,

the most sticky situations,

the most turbulent relationships,

softening the harshness,

energizing the underlying foundation of love,

transforming it into the purest clearest reflection of the love and essence you have chosen to remember about yourself.

This is who you are.

It has always been your destiny.

Whenever you’re ready, there you are.




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