The Spiritual Journey of You and Me

PC: Soul

The spiritual journey is more subtle than many people think.

There may be notable spiritual experiences marked by supernatural occurrences, visions, etc.

The real journey lies in between,

in between those explosive moments,

in between the days,

in between the breaths.

The real journey lies in the quiet still place within,

the place that speaks of truth and love,

neither of which can be defined by the human language.

The real journey is in the mundane, the everyday things, things easily overlooked by our desires for the ‘big’ life-changing things.

Sometimes, we experience the life-changing things and come out of it, in a daze,

wondering, well, what’s next?

What’s changed?

How did my life change due to this experience?

and expecting an answer.

When really, the whole thing is about experiencing the joy and adventure of what unfolds from the new awakened place within you.

The spiritual journey is not so much marked by amazing synchronicities (though they are a-plenty and a hugely fun part of the process),

but by the evolution that rolls forth from within,

the expanding within a new space,

a new awareness,

a new consciousness.

It’s the whisper of the silence,

the touch of the air embracing you,

the presence of truth within you.

It’s in the awareness and leaning into that which is true and has always been true to you, that you become who you already are within.

The journey is the unlocking and continuous unlocking of deeper parts of you,

the new awareness of,

the integration of,

and lastly, the embodiment of each new level of you.

The embodiment of it is what sets the physical world in movement, to respond to who you have accepted and chosen yourself to be.











This is and more,

so much more.

It’s the daily coming home,

the quiet returning to soul,

seen and known by no one but you.

It’s your secret,

and a universal one.

You live it out in your life uniquely, the story of humanity and divinity.

The story unfolds and weaves itself through your awareness and presence to yourself, to the present moment.

You are on your way,

as you have always been.

You are taken care of,

seen, known, loved.

You are in the midst of your beautiful evolution, evolution, upliftment.

All the clues and indicators are there, in your questions about life, about love, about yourself, about everything.

You are being answered daily, moment by moment.

The answers are flowing to you endlessly…

answers about your true nature,

about your relationship with God, with the universe.

It is all for you.

This is the spiritual journey,

yours and mine.








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