Everything is rooting for you, your expansion

PC: Soul

Everything is more than okay.

It’s more than fine.

It’s more than tolerable




Everything is working for you,

for your expansion,




Without trying or efforting or planning, all of life is orchestrating perfect moments and situations and experiences so that you can either experience the fullness of who you are


expand your capacity to experience even more fullness of you.

It really does work that way.

You are terribly dearly loved by the universe, God, Spirit.

Not one iota of your life, of you, is a mistake,

confused in its purpose or place in your evolution.

Everything knows where it’s supposed to be, what it’s suposed to do, and why it’s here in the first place.

There is an inherent consciousness of everything around you.

The world and universe is breathing YOU.

You carry within you the experience of ecstatical joy and unbounding love,

and the universe wants to taste YOU.

You are as sweet as you could ever be in any moment,


your sweetness becomes fuller and fuller as you choose and lean into your true nature and essence.

There is so much generosity for you,

so much space for you to be all of you.

That’s all that the universe has for you, spaciousness.

It’s for you to take up,

to realize it’s yours,

to breathe deeper,

to unfold into that space,

to remember what it feels like to exist purely, without attachments or ideas of how it’s “supposed to be”.

Life is for you.

God is for you.

Everything is rooting for you, your expansion.

The nature of you is truly a sight to behold,

and even more, truly an experience to embody.

It’s always been this way, always been about you coming more fully and deeply into you.

Life has shown itself to be a certain way, or rather you’ve perceived life to be a certain way because it serves you somehow

until it doesn’t.

Your heart knows what is true, not true to your perception, but what is fundamentally true to your soul.

You have a complete north star system within you.

And you are reading this because you are awakening to it.

You are waking up to the reality that you are the absolute delight of the universe,

and any experience that feels otherwise is about to be reckoned with.

It is You doing the reckoning.

And sometimes, that feels hard, because it seems like everything you know is now being questioned,




And it feels unfair,



And still, everything is more than okay.

Everything is more than working in your favor.

You have chosen this life TO experience your truth.

Isn’t that at relief?

Thank God, it isn’t a seemingly endless repetitive exercise of clocking in and clocking out,

going through the motions,

checking the boxes,

or even fulfilling a bucket list.

You can burn your lists and plans and routines and send them to hell.

Because you, my friend, are meant for greatness.

I don’t mean greatness in the worldly physical sense, the fame, fortune, lavishness,

although that is definitely part of it, if you choose.

I mean greatness in the full experience of you.

I mean greatness oozing from your pores, from your being because you choose to be all of you,

you choose to know all of you,

you choose to live fully as the magic you are.

I mean greatness that you can FEEL,

that reaches into your soul

and at the same time, feels like it ORIGINATES from your soul.

Greatness that feels like, ‘it feels damn good to be me’.

Greatness that goes beyond your knowledge and previous experience.

Greatness that is experience more than a title or accomplishment or possession.

It’s the experience of ALL of you,

not just the moments of triumph,

moments where things finally seem to go right.

It’s the whole of it all,

the unconditional full presence of a being that is mightily created and designed for knowledge and experience beyond the stratosphere of human mind, logic, rationale.

You are powerfully equipped to live life the way you want to.

Everything is more than okay.

Everything is yearning to be treated as the gift of opportunity to more depth, more fullness, more realness, more YOU-ness,

and not the dull soul-sucking let’s-get-this-over-with emptiness with which so many people live.

You are a motherfucking work of art.

It is in your blood and DNA to translate that work-of-art-ness into your life.

A living breathing sculpture of wonder, beauty, power, creativity.

It’s all within you and it’s all coming together.

It’s always been coming together.

Always always always

Even in the moments you felt most like a piece of shit, abandoned, dirty, ugly, etc etc etc.

Especially in those moments.

Not saying you NEED those moments in life to experience your magic,

but they sure do help create the contrast from which you choose the better, the higher, the sweeter, the lovelier.

You are a perfect ass being.

I can’t stress that enough.

The world thanks you for you

the universe thanks you for you

God thanks you for you.

Everything is more than okay.

Everything is stellar as fuck.

You are stellar as fuck.

You are living the privilege of being YOU.

Everyone is.

But how deeply and expressively you live YOU is up to you and it will inform your life to respond accordingly.

There’s no pressure though, there never is.

So don’t try to bring your shitty habitual thinking into this.

You are in perfect timing, in perfect cadence with the universe.

Your job is to sit on your throne, heal the bullshit of buying into any ideas that you are less than what you truly are, and bask in the glory of being you.

Because that shit never ends, never fails, never heeds your perceived limitations.

Time to give yourself over to it, that expansive greatness within and without.

Oh, and everything is more than okay.




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