Misalignment is a B&*#^

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It only matters if you want it to matter.

Even the things we don’t want in our lives, they’re there and we notice them because we, somewhere within, want it to matter.

They justify us, validate us, and give us a home for our personalities to live in.

The trouble with that is, even if we do want it to matter, the unhappiness points straight to our misalignment.

And misalignment sucks.

Plain and simple.

It’s the thing that represents the perceived gap between us and God, us and the beautiful powerful energy of the universe.

It’s the thing we often overlook in our pursuit for happiness, fulfillment, purpose, love, peace, joy, etc etc etc.

The pursuit of all those things is a fallacy in and of itself because a pursuit indicates there is something out there to be attained.

The pursuit is birthed from misalignment.

Misalignment tells us that we are not “there”,

that there is something we can or need to do to get “there”,

that we are missing *something*.

Misalignment can be a tricky bitch.

It tells us the truth, if we are looking for the truth.

Otherwise, we make things that don’t actually matter, matter, to explain our misalignment,

to explain away the repetitive unwanted cycles, experiences, relationships, thoughts.

Basically, we make shit up so we can “save face” with ourselves.

It’s not a horrible thing.

But once you know, you know.

And you can’t unknow that you are mad bullshitting yourself if you think that the thing *out there* is the problem again and again and again… and again…

and again…



At some point the part of you that is tired of the bullshit part of you will bang on the door demanding a seat at the table.

You’ll ignore it for as long as you can and like,

and that’s fine.

It really is.

Because you will take as much bullshit as you’re capable of.

When you reach capacity, you’ll be ready and willing to see things differently, with new eyes.

The things that never mattered will be clear to you – they were facades and reasons you chose for what was really going on inside you.

You chose these things because it felt easier at some point to point to them, than open up to the pain, the fear and anxiety, the discomfort – all the things you tried to protect yourself from.

And of course, part of the struggle is the humbling that usually accompanies getting downright real with yourself.

I’ve eaten many a slice of humble pie on my journey.

I could feel in my belly the discontent and grumbling that I was uncovering something sensitive and then considering a possible other truth that felt easier, 

something I can point to outside of me,

frame as a reason for what’s happening inside of me.

But that doesn’t make sense, does it?

How can something purely outside of me affect what’s inside of me?

Unless something inside of me had the propensity, the inclination, the opening, the capacity TO BE AFFECTED?

Unless something inside of me is ready to make the thing happening outside of me mean something?

The unfortunate fortunate truth is, there is no objective reality.

There is no one reality.

Your reality is 100% made up by you.

No one is forcing you to see things a certain way, or be a certain way, or feel hurt or misunderstood or whatever.

It’s all you, foo.

Not the funnest thing to hear but it makes sense.

And once you know something, you can’t unknow it.

If and when you are ready to see things for what they are, you are ready for expansion.

Ready for your motherfuckin evolution,

the next level of you,

next level freedom,

next level love,

next level abundance,

next level fulfillment.

All of that is a given when we decide for ourselves what truly is true, and what we have tried to pass off as true,

and align with the former, more and more,

little by little,

step by step,

breath by breath.

It can’t not.

Because then you will be in the flow of truth, the flow of LIFE, the flow of God, the flow of the universe, the flow of YOU.

And then you will know what it means to be unstoppable.

Being unstoppable isn’t a superhero-wearing-a-cape thing.

Being unstoppable is being completely free to expand any and all corners of you, your heart, your soul in your lifetime.

It’s creating new realities simply because you know that you create with your mind, just as easily as you limit yourself and your life with your mind.

It’s living INTO your essence.

INTO your true nature,

INTO your god-ness.

There, there is just flowing with the truth that what is, just IS.

No need to name it or reason with it or study it and use it for justification.

Just look at it.

Observe what comes up.

Give yourself space to feel what you feel.

Honor it.

Forgive yourself for any judgments, if any (there probably is).

Move along.

No need to hold onto ANYthing for ANY reason.

If you want it to matter, it will.

And it seemingly does.

Until you get your head out of your ass about how life works and who you are and how you came here to live.

Life is in favor of you.

It really is.

There’s no reason to hold onto anything as a reason for anything.

Unless you really want to.

And it’s fun to.

Those are the only viable reasons 🙂

Once you’ve let go, you are absolutely free.

Free like a mofuckn bird.

Free like the sky,

free like the space all around you,

free like the space within you.

You never have to land at any point.

You just keep going and going and going and going.

Limitless, unbounded, pure joy of being you.








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