Life lives in the flow of us

PC: M Jacot – taken during meditation

There is something really beautiful about the flow of life.

The ins and outs,

ups and downs,

side to sides.

A dance,

a rhythm,

a movement,


ever evolving,

ever expanding,

ever deepening.

The people we meet,

the places we go,

the things we do, try, taste, feel…

they are all accessories to Life.

Our memories of our experiences color our world, but they are not our world.

Our thoughts paint our perspective, but they are not Life itself.

Our desires speak to our true nature, not just our eternal infinite one, but the one we embody in our lifetimes.

Our dreams remind us, if we so choose to be reminded, of a world and existence beyond what our human eyes see.

Whether we know it or not, whether we choose it not, whether we want it or not, we live in the flow of life…

Life lives in the flow of us.

It is our gift to the world that we live in that awareness,

because that awareness deepens our presence within ourselves, 

and thus enriches our presence in the world.

When we are aware of how full we actually truly really are, the way we show up is in full presence.

It emanates from within, from the deepest parts of us, out into the most visible parts of us, what we see in the mirror, what we reflect to others.

It’s not a matter of doing things differently,

or showing up differently,

or setting intentions.

All those things flow from our alignment to The Flow.




of course-ly

We simply make ourselves available to what is coursing through our veins, our consciousness

We simply slow down and make space for space.

And in the spaciousness, there is power,

a power not based on force or cause or agenda or mind.

A power that speaks of its own power, churning, unfurling, rolling through you,

capturing the true essence of you, unfolding in perfect harmony with All That Is,

aware that it is one with the universe, with God,

aware that it IS a part of the whole, the intricacies of Life.

A power that knows itself and in that, is known by us.

It stands alone, expressed in, by, through presence.

Presence is our signature.

It’s the fingerprint of our existence on this planet.

It cannot be manipulated, contorted, managed.

The act of manipulation, force, asserting anything reveals the quality of presence we carry and express.

Where we stand within ourselves reveals the quality of presence we emanate.

There’s nothing we can do to modify, affect, influence our presence except to be aware of the Presence within us,

the unspoken, unwritten Truth of our being.

We simply behold and allow it to wash over us.

And without fail, it does.

Presence has no boundaries, no rules, no standards.

It is pure positive regard for each and every one of us, and it is always available to those who wish to be available to it.

In it is healing,

in it, the clarity that comes when illusions, misbeliefs, misperceptions dissolve,

in it, the beauty of Being.

It is enough,

it is always enough to tap into presence, our true nature.

It holds no answers to human questions, but in it, we converge with our wisdom and truth, inherently tapping into the Flow,

from which we receive inspiration and guidance from a source that we are already one with.

We are carriers of the most majestic aspect of the universe:




Pure presence

It is our birthright because it is who we are.

It is safe to trust it,

safe to fall into it,

safe to believe it,

safe to open up to it.

You are well taken care of,

as you have been for periods beyond time.

You are seen and known.




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