Your Life Flows From Who YOU ARE

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The things in our lives flow from who we are.

The relationships,

the job,

the direction of our paths,

the experiences,

the possessions,

the attachments to the possessions,

or lack thereof,

the enjoyment of life,

the inner fulfillment,

our physical appearance.

All things flow from within us.

The energy of what’s within us informs the experience of it without, outside of us.

Everything in our lives has our fingerprints on it.

It’s one of the most delightful things to be aware of.

And also one of the most maddening.

The essence of our experiences, of our signature on this earth is imbued by the nature of who we are, whether we consciously choose it or not.

There is so much beauty to be beheld in just that – that our expressed lives, the happenings, the visible relationships, the things we experience in life are really a secondary feature to the true main primary thing –

the soul within.

It’s not just the soul that’s expressed.

It’s our relationship with it.

Our understanding of it, the way we vibe with it, the way we don’t, the way we are in communion with the life energy within, the way we are disconnected – 

it all shows.

It’s all made evident.

It’s not good nor bad.

There’s just what is present.

Our willingness to face it, acknowledge it, honor it for what it is and what it isn’t yields movement in our expressed life, the physical life, allowing for it to unravel in a way that aligns with our truth, with the way we are meant to live.

And the way we are meant to live isn’t prescribed, but there are commonalities among all human experience that serve as markers for the fulfilled life.

Things like







wealth of spirit


feelings of overflow


etc etc etc

You know, the things that feel good.

The things that connect us to each other.

The things that, when we feel it, we KNOW this is what life is about, and we want more.

The things that fill our cups and overflow to others without efforting.

Things that make up life.

This is how we were meant to live.

This is what is flowing within already…

and the only reason it’s not being expressed without is we have a weird relationship with that part of us. 

A weird relationship with God,

with the universe,

a wonky view of ourselves, our significance,

our beauty,

our worth,

our truth,

our presence.

That’s it.

Other than that, you better believe the realest part of you is still real.

That would be the definition of real, right?

It’s… real.

It’s the deepest part of you that doesn’t change.

It doesn’t fluctuate due to circumstances, situations, happenings, conditions, people, etc etc etc.

It is true,

true to itself,

true to its nature.

It can’t not, because, it’s real.

It’s real and it’s here.

Inside me,

inside you.

Since before we came into physical existence,

and til after we leave.

It flows and flows and flows, but it will never overtake our free will, our free choice.

It will never overrule our decision and intention to align with what we feel and think is true to us in the moment.

That’s grace.

It’s the freedom to choose how we want to be, who we want to be, regardless of what is true.

How do we know, then, what is true?

By the fruit we bear in our lives.

By the way we stand within ourselves,

by the way our relationships flourish and thrive or wilt or fall apart,

by the way we feel when we look in the mirror,

by the way we feel about the things we do in our lives,

by the way we feel about our accomplishments.

Everything in our lives flows from within us.

It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it, to be aware of our great presence.

That we don’t have to go about trying to change the outside world.

We don’t have to move the world with our strength or effort or brute force,

because the physical and emotional experience of our lives originate elsewhere.

They originate from a place close to us, very very close to us.

So close, there is no beginning, no end to that place and who we are.

So close, we simply have to be aware of it and we’re there.

Right there, exactly there.

Right in the flow of life.

And even then, you can choose whether you want to live in that flow.

But it’s really a question similar to:

Do you like to breathe?

Do you want to breathe?

It’s a no-brainer, but still a consideration, because your buy-in, your conscious alignment is required to live in it and then allow it to carry out into the extension of you, that is your life.

And when we do not choose this, whether we are blinded by our illusions and ideas of how life is supposed to be, it will also be carried out into life.

The difference is real.


It’s for us to discern and choose because… well, because life.

There would be no experience of life without choice.

Animals do not think to themselves, I am living life.

Animals just live.

They don’t choose nor discern nor align.

We do.

And thus, in choosing, we exercise our capacity to live, like Really Live.

Really Living is the conscious choosing and alignment to our souls AND the resulting bliss, wonder, healing, peace, energy, beauty that follows.

That is the gift of life and the gift we give to the world.








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