Life is in Full Support of You

Everyone has their chore they truly enjoy to hate.

For some, it’s vacuuming.

Others, washing dishes.

Still others, sweeping and cleaning the floor.

I just mentioned 2 of my least faves.

But there’s one that I’ve realized I really really am annoyed at.

Folding clothes.

Actually two that I’m really annoyed at:

putting folded clothes away.

Yesterday, Soul invited me to play frisbee.

Yesterday, I also had a pile of clean clothes strewn all over my bed.

I had separated them into piles of clothes “type” i.e. activewear, pj’s, socks, etc.

That’s my little routine for folding clothes.

But I only got that far yesterday because I just truly felt in my heart of hearts a stubborn obstinate dogged part of me that refused to fold the clothes.

As I worked throughout the day, all I had to do was swivel my chair to lay my eyes on a most annoying sight:

clothes to be folded and put away.

I just couldn’t.

I didn’t give a shit about being a full blown 31 years old and throwing an internal tantrum about a task.

I didn’t – I couldn’t give a shit about what it meant about my work ethic or responsibility or adulthood.

(What in the hell even is adulthood? Post for another day.)

So I didn’t.

All day, I worked with my back – physical and emotional backs lol – to this looming chore.

So when Soul invited me to frisbee, these stupid clothes leered at me – am I going to play or am I going to get down with my responsible adult self and do the thing I don’t want to do?

As I bitched and moaned about it on the phone with Soul, Soul suggested I bring the clothes and they’d fold them for me.

At first, I declined that idea.

It sounded like MORE work to gather them up and tote them elsewhere just to have them folded.

Because folding is what I should be doing in the first place, right??

Being responsible and accountable to the tasks at hand is important, right?

But I heard myself groaning inwardly and most assuredly outwardly and knew that I wanted to get out and play, and that I was either going to bitch and moan at home and get neither folding nor playing or I was going to take up Soul’s most generous offer and get both done.

Even though I felt like the laziest most irresponsible, do-not-have-my-shit-together mofucka alive.

I was going to pack my clothes in an Ikea bag and take them somewhere just to have them folded???

How juvenile is that?!??


But also, how path of least resistance is that?

Well, let’s get clear – it was most certainly the path of least resistance ONCE I got over the judgment that I am an inadequate oaf that likes to pawn off her responsibilities to others whenever possible.

That’s usually the issue, isn’t it?

It’s not the logistics about a situation,

or even the finances,

or the actual way things are.

It’s the idea that we should be a certain way.

That things should be a certain way.

And if they’re not, it means something.

What does it mean?

Whatever you thought it was supposed to mean.

Usually degrading stuff,

depreciating stuff about you, your character, your being, your role, etc etc etc.

It seems that we’ve rarely been taught that we are just so perfect and wonderful and that we should make ourselves available to every creative opportunity to resolve an issue or problem or roadblock in the easiest manner possible and available.

We’ve mostly been taught that the harder we work, the longer we strive, the more fully we yearn and churn,

the more respectable,

the more responsible,

the more adult-able we are.

And so, we refuse the “easy way out”.

We don’t even SEE the damn thing because we’re so caught up in the bullshit that that can’t even possibly exist, right??

We refuse to acknowledge that perfect Life is meant for us,

that Life wants to be kind to us,

that we are meant to receive EVERYTHING we need and WANT for life to be SMOOTH and FLOW and EASE-FILLED.

We refuse to join in with the natural flow of things, the support of the universe, the warmth and ease of the breath of God because we have a statue to erect about who we are.

The solutions are there – but it’s grace for us to open ourselves up and be available to them and then to choose them.

But they’re there.

Whether it’s an easier way to think about something,

or a faster way to get something done that might involve another person that you once thought would be a burden for them but who is really actually so happy and excited to support you in their way…

There are so many energies out there intending to converge with yours to assist you to the outcome you desire,

not just in attaining things or experiences,


The WAY you are within yourself,

the unshakable confidence that you go where you are meant to go,

do what you are meant to do,

be who you’re meant to be

not because there’s value in the places or the actions or even in the person you’re being,

but because it’s YOU that’s behind it all.

Because it’s YOU who appreciates everything in your life.

It’s YOU who is the master source of all the good in your life.


It’s always been you.

You just had to learn to be true to it.

Unlearn some of the untrue shiza and get real with the way life actually works.

Because life is in full support of you.


If you want.

Only if you want.

You are MEANT for it.

If you want to uncover what kind of life is surging underneath the surface for you, comment or email me –

Life doesn’t work for you, until you realize you are the source of Life itself.







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