Everything About You and Your Journey is *Perfect*

Self-doubt is part of the journey.

Fear is part of the journey.

Some level of anxiety is part of the journey.

Attachment is part of the journey.

Disconnect is part of the journey.

Turbulence is part of the journey.

Unrest is part of the journey.

Heartbreak is part of the journey.

Heartache is part of the journey.

All these things and more are part of the journey.

Compounded issues arise when we reject our actual experience as acceptable and even necessary for our evolution, expansion, growth.

Life is not about eradicating these things.

Yes, our path and destiny has always been about elevating beyond them, seeing them from the vantage point of our soul and consciousness.

It has been written so.

It’s just not the point of life to ensure we are free from those things.

We’re just not built to be about sweeping things out of the inner house of our hearts, constantly, religiously, endlessly.

Just not designed to be about making sure we are feeling even-keeled,

living tolerably,

avoiding messes,



The truth is, if we are experiencing drama, there’s just no point in running away, from trying to make things ‘calm’.

Be in the storm,

Feel it.

Feel the turbulence of your heart, your mind.

Let it be okay.

All the self-doubt,

the worry,

the fear,

etc etc etc.

The gift of life is not in not experiencing those things.

The gift of Life is the knowing that the real part of you exists in a dimension that goes beyond those things,

a dimension from which you see clearly the challenges, the blockages, the hurt, the pain, the strife, the wounding, the illusions, the misbeliefs…

and choose differently for yourself.

The gift of Life is the actual breathing and flowing with the you-est part of you.

All those ‘negative’ things couldn’t KEEP you from that part of you.

All those ‘negative’ things POINT to the you-est part of you.

They serve you.

They assist you in the remembrance of Truth.

They fulfill a divine worthy purpose in your life.

In FACT, you came here with the FULL understanding of all these things and AGREED to experience them, to BE conditioned to them,

SO THAT, you are led down the path to your true liberation and coming home.

SO THAT, you CHOOSE you, CHOOSE life, CHOOSE fullness, CHOOSE freedom, CHOOSE love, CHOOSE hope.


SO THAT, you remember you CAN choose.

You may be afraid that if you allow it to be okay, all those scary things, that you are giving it permission to stay forever.


You give it permission to stay in its unprocessed raw rough form, when you refuse to allow it to run its course, to be smoothed out by the love of your soul, your connection with God, the universe.

You give it permission to wreak havoc in your life when you refuse to honor the experience of YOU experiencing those things.

They want to leave, they want to flow through and beyond you, but can’t because it is by the grace of YOUR grace with yourself, with your life that it can be processed and released.

You, this beautiful creature of light and pure love, are captive to nothing but the idea that you can possibly be captive to things that are not who you are.

Quite infuriating, if you think about it sometimes.

Go ahead, think about it.

A little longer.

The idea that the things you fear, the things you worry about (typically the fear and worry themselves) are part.of.the.journey.

The idea that you are more than a life that is “free” from those things.

The idea that any portion of your life, energy, attention is spent on ridding your experience of them.

Are you afraid of living?

Are you afraid of being alive?

Are you afraid of who you truly are?

The majesty of your soul?

Are you afraid of what will come spilling forth if you were to let down your guard and choose Life, letting go of the IDEA of what life is SUPPOSED to look like?

Are you afraid of being fully you?

Of letting God be God in your life?

Of being in cahoots with the universe?

That’s all fine.

If you’ve been fighting yourself about the experiences you are moving through, I am here to tell you,

I see you.

I honor you.

I honor your process.

I honor your journey.

I honor who you are,

who you see yourself to be,

and who you truly are.

I honor your decisions.

I honor it all.

I know this is not the end.

If you are seeking, you are just embarking.

If you are hoping, you are just setting off.

If you are desiring, you are on path,

already on your way.

You are perfect in your ways.

You are glorious in your expression.

You are supported, wilded, cheered on, and guided by the universe who speaks through things around you, and most deeply, through the depths of you.

You are destined for your freedom, your fullness of You.

There is no other way.

And I am witness to that.

I believe, I trust, I know.

If it’s hard for you to,

that’s fine.

Because I am, for you.

You are found, always found.




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