The Truth Sown in All of Us

PC: Soul

Several nights ago, I had an overwhelming sense of… okay-ness with me.

I felt fully IN me,

IN my body,

IN my mind,

IN my soul.

When I think back to that moment, the hallmark was that I felt Safe.

I felt myself completely at ease, in ways even my normal day-to-day easygoing-ness seemed tense.

Underneath this sense of safe-ness, was a deeper sense of feeling Loved.

That is the answer to everything, no?

If everyone felt 100% safe and loved, we’d create heaven.

Right now.

Any need for ANYTHING dissipates.

There is just being-ness.

There is only us-ness.




Truth of who we are.


Totally safe.

The world feels safe.

The universe feels safe.

Our bodies feel safe.

Our minds feel safe.

Our being-ness feels safe.

Safe to let go.

Safe to go deep.

Safe to know ourselves.

Safe to know each other.

Safe to know the world.

Safe to be KNOWN.

Safe to be free.

Safe to feel wholeness, completion.

Safe to be true.

Safe to be honest.

Safe to be us.

This is the direction of consciousness,

that is, the collective consciousness.

This is the trajectory of humanity.

The seed of who we are – *what* we are has always been planted.

Some may not want to connect, to usher it into fruition.

But the consciousness of the seed,

of the same awakened consciousness that intertwines those who desire, intend, welcome the perfection of humanity, persists.

Not in effort,

nor striving,

nor strategy.

But in nature of itself.

It remains and surges forward because that is what it *is*.

It is truth.

It is beauty.

It is love.

It is freedom.

It is hope.

It is faith.

It is peace.

It is joy.

It is everything desires deep deep deep deep deep deep down.

Believing this is *faith*.

Just as we don’t expect a seed planted today to sprout tomorrow,

just as we know that it sprouts in perfect timing,

so we believe in the inherent inevitability of the truth sown in all of us.




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