This Breath

Thank you for this breath.

And this one.

And this one…

this one

this one

and this one.

Thank you for all the breaths preceding this one.

Thank you for all the breaths to come


especially thank you




If there’s ever proof that all of life is working for me,

this is it.

That even when I have felt depressed,






etc etc etc,

this one thing remained,


will remain.

I breathe in gratitude,

I breathe in appreciation,

I breathe in love.

I breathe in possibilities,

I breathe in truth,

whatever that means to me,

however that looks to me,

for me.

I breathe in Life,

I breathe in abundance,

I breathe in faith,






all the good things.

I welcome everything that is for me,

however that looks.

I receive the good breath into my body,

my cells,

my mind,

my heart,

my soul.

I receive it into me,

into my deepst parts,

into the secret places.

I believe it all has the power to transform me,

to strengthen me,

to remind me of who I am,

of what I’m made of,

of who I choose to be,

even when nothing seems clear,

when nothing feels good,

when nothing seems good.

I breathe in my birthright to be me.

I breathe in,

I breathe out…

accepting that I am part of a beautiful evolution,

the evolution of me,

the evolution of my being-ness.

I accept that everything is changing,

and nothing needs to,

to be happy,

to be full,




I accept my place in the world,

a beautiful speck of love,


and expression of the Divine.

I choose it,

I love it,

I honor it,

I know it

in the deepest recesses of me,

of my existence.

It is well,

all is well.

I am well.

Thank you for this breath.

Thank you for the home that is my body,

my mind,

my heart.

Thank you for me,

the raw pure form of me.

It is enough,

it always has been.

I use this moment to acknowledge all that I am,

my desires,

my presence.

I breathe out gratitude,


the beauty of me.

I breathe out,

in conjunction with the universe.

I breathe out fulfillment.

In fulfillment.

It is all good.

In the hood,

because I am.

I am because I am because I am because I am.

And that is everything.

In this moment, I am everything.

And from that place, every moment is one in which I am everything.

I am the joy and peace and love I seek.

It has everything to do with this breath.



unrealized at many many points of life,

and always present.

So present,

even more present than my awareness, sometimes.

And so, I know I can trust,

I can let go,

I can lean into surrender,

surrender of my heart,



It is all happening for me,

with me,

of me,

in me.

I accept the responsibility

to keep breathing.

The irony is that breathing happens even when I’m not aware.

And yet, I take full responsibility for this life,

this moment,

this snapshot me,

and the ever-reaching evolution of me.

I breathe into the paradox that is me,

that is being human and Divine,

that is being present


fully aware of my existence through the span of the continuous breaths,

of which this one is most perfect.

I thank me for this breath,

God for this breath,

universe for this breath.





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