The River is Calling

PC: Soul

Come, play in the river of Life.

Come, play with me in the river.

I’m calling your name,

it’s calling your name.

You hear, not with ears or your mind,

you hear, with your heart.

Your soul smiles, nudging you gently.

Knowing already, knowing always, that you hear the beckoning,

and even more, the desire to respond,

to run into cooling washing water,

flinging aside thoughts of ‘supposed to’,

‘should I?’,

‘what if…’.

The depths of the river call to the depths of you,

the unknown of the river calls to the unknown of you.

Not one moment in the river is the same as the next, same as another,

the infinite experiences of the river surrounding you, splashing,


covering you, for the briefest of moments,

trailing down your body,

holding you,

quiet, still, secure in the belly of peace, harmony, well-being.

Every moment and feeling infinitely unique, culminating in the unified essence of delight, relief, presence, love.

Come, play in the river with me.

Come, play in the river of me.

Come, know the joy and delight I know, deep within me.

I know you will know it, recognize it, remember it, the instant you step in.

The pleasure of remembrance will curl through your body, your spirit, your mind,

the sense of coming home to a part of you you never thought you knew, until the moment you come, and play with me.

Come, it is safe to let go,

to let it all go to madness,

or what you think is madness.

Come, it’s all happening for you,

in divine perfection,

in generous flow,

in sweet oneness with All That Is.

Come, you are taken care of.

Come, you are seen, known, heard.

Come, your desires are honored, whether in the river or not.

Come, you are desired by the river.

The river knows its own, and you are one of its own.

Come, you will see the joy and delight you see alive in me is just the joy and delight living in you.

Come, let loose, let the river wash away the mud, the mire, the heavy dirt, the traces of all the ways you believe you are not good enough for the river,

Come, feel clean,






It’s all for you, my friend.

You are for it.

Always have been,

always will be.

Come, the river is always here,

but don’t you want to come in,

right now?








2 responses to “The River is Calling”

  1. Kristen Dutkiewicz Avatar

    Really beautiful! I loved the flow of this poem.

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Hi Kristen! Thank you for reading and commenting. I loved the flow too as it came through 😊💜

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