Stop the Bullshit RN – Nothing Wants to Stop or Slow You

A coach I follow online (go follow her if you wanna get your ass kicked straight back into your soul) sent an email yesterday with the subject:

“Nothing can ever stop or slow us”


Do you believe that?

Does it feel real and close?

Or false and far?

Do you want to believe that?

What if it were true?

What if it were true that you are always in the perfect place at the perfect time doing the perfect thing being the perfect you to create the life you know you are truly meant for?

What if, beyond the ideas of being ‘behind’, feeling shame about your ‘progress’ in life, comparison with others, feeling so far from your dreams and desires…

what if, underneath all that bullshit…

the truth actually is:

Nothing can ever stop or slow you from You,

from what you are here to do, who you are here to be, where you are meant to go, etc etc etc?

I mean, that’s some kind of fuckery, to think that the standard and linear trajectory that we thought we are supposed to follow,

the things we are meant to have at ‘this point in our lives’

is all really… IN OUR HEAD?

Like there really are no obstacles to what we desire.

There really is nothing that is slowing us down.

Granted, maybe we are not exactly hurtling down in a visible fashion toward our dreams,

experiencing all the synchronicities that other people seem to be coming into,

doing all the things,

going all the places that our Facebook feed reminds us we’re not going to.

But really, what if the thing that really needs your focus and attention is YOU?

Is the inner deep You, who has been neglected.

Who has been tossed to the side because you had held some weird beliefs about how life is supposed to be,

how YOU are supposed to be.

And all that attention elsewhere, instead of nurturing your precious ass self,

has created a void that you feel must be filled,

and FIRST, you must FIND all the obstacles,



so that

so that

so that

you can finally receive and experience everything your heart deeply desires.

Because it’s THOSE things in the way, right?

It’s THOSE inanimate powerless THINGS, CIRCUMSTANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, ETC that are stopping US, the magical magnificent creatures made of motherfucking stardust and pure potent energy, from our desires, our heart movement,


That makes so much sense, right?



It doesn’t make sense to me either.

Let’s be very clear here, in case I haven’t been thus far.

The only thing – the ONLY THING that ‘can’ stop or slow us down in life is

WHATEVER we BELIEVE stops or slows us down.

Which LITERALLY means, there is NOTHING in ACTUALITY, REALITY, EXISTENCE that actually stops us OR

has the POWER to stop us.

We hold the key.

We are the motherfucking key.


Which ALSO basically means, we are ALWAYS in the perfect place at the perfect time doing the perfect thing being the perfect us.


Yes, I repeated what I said earlier.

So you don’t have to scroll back up and read it again 😉

Which MEANS that we ARE actually hurtling towards our desires, our dreams, our visions.

We ARE actually ALREADY motherfucking creating what we so deeply desire to create, have, experience in our physical lives.


And whatEVER we think is ‘stopping’/’slowing’ is really, our own resistance is WHAT ACTUALLY IS.

Resistance is not a bad thing.

Resistance indicates areas in your life, your heart, your body that is ready to be looked at, observed, embraced, loved, released as you hold yourself in the light of Love, in the presence of God and the god-ness within,

as you align with your True Nature, which in this case, is the one that is wildly unapologetically basking in the complete joy and unfettered creativity that lives in you for the pure pleasure of living it out in your life.

All this is ALREADY TRUE.

That’s what ‘TRUE’ means – it’s ALWAYS TRUE.


It’s BEEN, it IS, and it ALWAYS WILL BE.

And you are in the center of it all.

You are the star of the motherfucking show.

The protagonist, the main character, the EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND WANT IN YOUR LIFE.

There is no THING out there that is truly stopping you.

AND – another layer – there is no thing out there that WANTS to stop you.

Dun dun DUNNNN.

Yeah dude.

You are here to LIVE your joy, pleasure, greatness.

And everything you come from aka God, universe, Spirit, is around you RIGHT NOW, conspiring on your majestic behalf to materialize your desires RIGHT NOW.


Because why the F NOT?!

Because why are we here, if not to experience our power, our truth, our REALNESS.

Gahhh do you feel me??

Do you hear me?!?!!?

I feel like I’m going to break my keyboard lol.


That is my message for you today.


Powerful enough to choose your own prison.

And definitely powerful enough to choose your freedom.

Live accordingly.

I love you.


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