Waiting for the other shoe to drop is not a virtue

PC: Soul

The better it gets,

the better it gets.

Just wanted to drop that little nugget in your mind…

Some days, it’s so easy to believe the good,

that it’s on its way,

that it’s already here in every sense of the word.

Other days…

it’s Fuck THIS shiet.

Know what I mean?


Just me?


Sometimes, it just feels hard to believe in the more, the good, the better,

that everything for us is for us,

without condition,

without exception,

without reason.

We want more because we are meant for more.

But sometimes, due to life experiences from which we extract interesting false meanings,

we believe that the more, the better, etc. is not for us.

So when we do experience something good,

we go looking for the second shoe…

WHEN and WHERE is this shoe going to drop?

HOW is this shoe going to drop???

Will I be able to handle it?!?!?!!?

How can I hedge this shoe drop???

Who can I get help from??

WHO is going to drop that shoe?!?!?!


All the while, the goodness of our lives hovers all around us, permeating the very air we breathe, chillin’ out in its chill ass way…

waiting, but not waiting for us to notice how good it is.

The irony.

What it takes to notice and fall into it doesn’t come from the reassurance of things logistically logically falling into place.

It doesn’t come from the guarantee of promises… which is like an oxymoron lol.

It comes from leaning into the possibility, the potential that perhaps, just maybe, ever so slightly, Life is Good,

and Life is Good to US.

At first, it’s scary as shit.

A lot of us find our grounding in worry and anticipation, believing that the act of worrying and anticipating evokes mercy of the gods above.

But even if that were true, is that really mercy?

Waiting for the other shoe to drop is not a virtue.

Expecting the worst isn’t a good look on your outlook.

You’re conning yourself of the depth of the moment, of the giddiness that,

the better it gets, the better it gets.

That’s all.

It’s all for you,

all for your expansion, joy, peace, evolution, love, self-actualization.

The question is, do you believe it?





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