But I’m Always On Time

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I have a message for you today that I have spoken to myself too.

Actually, everything I ever write and talk about has first been spoken to myself,

received by me first.

So basically, everything you get from me is mofuckn vetted.

You’re welcome!


It’s true though.

My message to you today:

Take your time.

There’s no rush.

You are exactly where you’re meant to be,

doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing,

being exactly who you’re meant to be.

It sounds pretty similar to all the other things I say.

But today, it hit me differently.

I do live like this,

I do take my time, in my knowing that things are unfolding for me in unseen, unfelt ways.

I do know God, universe, Source, my freaking ancestors are backing me up in my desires and intended destiny.

But there was something… just a little off.

Just a little wonky.

It wasn’t terribly noticeable.

But I realized today, in my journaling,

that underneath my belief, underneath the actual way I was and am living life, I was afraid to back it myself.

I was afraid to claim that this is how I live.

This is how I think, this is how I Be.

I was afraid to own it because – real talk – I was afraid of people thinking I’m just so naive, so silly, so narrow-minded to think that I can just chillll and take my time with things.

I was afraid people would think I’m lazy, unmotivated, entitled.

I was afraid people would think I’m delusional.

And that ultimately, I was rejected.

That my way of living, faith, being was faulty, flawed, unreal.

Interesting, right?

That I could live it myself, believe in something so much that I integrate it into my life…

and sew my mouth shut about it, do everything I can to NOT talk about it, NOT associate with it, because God forbid I claim to know a little something about how to do life and do life GOOD, little ol’ me…

thereby rejecting that precious and beautiful part of me that inspired that truth, received it into me, and flowed into existence in my life.

I mean, really, that *is* how I live.

I’ve been told I’m one of the most productive people people have met.

That I’m always up to something, moving moving moving…

and in my heart of hearts, I know that I know that I know that I know…

I walk my everyday from a place of comfortable resolve, taking my time, creating space for me to be and do me, fully and completely.

I’m a chill person, flexible, adaptable, go with the flow-able.

But if there’s one thing I will not tolerate, it’s to lay myself down for a timeline, a destination that feels like I’m squeezing myself from the inside to align with.

I’m chill, but I’m not chill about things that don’t feel chill to me.

So I be keepin’ my chill, know what I mean? Lol.

And for me, that has been one of the greatest lessons I’ve integrated.

Be easy, go slow, flow with flow.

It’s contrary to the go go go that I’ve been taught about being productive and valuable in society.

And even in spiritual entrepreneurship, we need to go go go to make things happen.

I 100% agree – things will not get done without me doing them.

I get that.

But I will not move from a place of chase.

I will not move from a place of lack.

I haven’t done so with anything else in my life, not romance, not finance, not education, nothing.

And it’s not that I refuse to.

It’s that there’s just no energy to give from that place.

I know there are people out there that push and push and push and succeed through willpower.

I am not one of them.

I would rather die than do something I don’t want to do.

And there’s really nothing I want that’s worth my peace and flow.

I know I’ll get to where I’m meant to go – it’s already written.

And I know I’ll get there on my own timing,

in my own way.

To be able to do that though, takes space.

Space to breathe,

space to feel what is coming through,

feel what is present,

feel me,

feel spaciousness,

feel presence,

feel God and universe and Source in between the breaths.

It takes a certain kind of presence and awareness to choose space.

And you really only choose it when you *get it*.

When you *get* that what really actually matters is within you,

invisible and powerful,

focused and expansive energy,

encapsulated in your body, your personality, your mind, your heart.

Otherwise, being still would drive you insane,

drive you to fear, to anxiety, because your mind is seeking the next thing to do, the next thing to gnaw at, claw at to get you to the ‘next level’.

It’s not for everyone.

But then, nothing is.

There’s no one way of doing something that is for everyone.


I get that now.

This is how I’ve done it.

By it, I meant MY WHOLE LIFE lol.

Maybe you resonate with it.

Maybe it makes sense to you.

And if it does, I say it to you again:

Take your time.

You are always on time to create the life you desire, be the person you desire, have the things you desire.

There is no rush.

I love you.


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