Trusting Yourself Is A Form of Enlightenment and Rebellion

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I’m reading the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

It’s a go-at-your-own-pace book that assists people tap into their creativity.

Some of it feels outdated to me, but for the most part, it’s good shit.

It’s not just for career artists (playwrights, authors, painters, etc).

It’s for the creative within everyone.

Yes, EVERYONE is a creative, whether offically recognized or not.


In the book, she asked:

What does trusting yourself mean to you?

My immediate answer:

It is the most important lesson I will ever embody.

If I trusted myself FULLY, how would I live differently?

What would I do differently?

What would I be willing to express?

What would I be willing to let go and allow in?

Who would I choose to be?

If I trusted myself completely, which metaphorical cliffs would I be jumping off of today?

Questions questions questions.

The birth of evolution.

To me, trusting oneself fully is the lesson of humanity.

It’s a universal lesson.

The lesson that takes us back home,

past the mud and mire of learned beliefs and conditioning,

back home to our heart, where we feel,

back home to our souls, where we Be.

It’s the one lesson that inherently creates space for everyone to be who they truly are,

all the colors,

all the strokes,

all the flow,

infinite in its expressions.

It’s the one lesson that validates each being without ever taking away from another.

It’s the one lesson that teaches us profound love, respect, honor for ourselves,

and inevitably,

love, respect, honor for others.

I think most of our strife in our lives at home and in the world at large is due to a lack of trust of oneself.

People act from dishonest, greedy, unhappy, conniving places within because really, they don’t trust themselves.

Nor their connection with the universe, with Source, with God.

If they did, they wouldn’t feel the need, the pull to act outside of integrity of true humanity.

They wouldn’t be drawn to solutions that involve disempowering, harming, diminishing others.

Or our physical environment.

To me, trusting oneself is a form of enlightenment.

It’s a rebellion carried quietly in the hearts of those who choose to listen within.

It’s the uprising of the heart, of the soul that refuses confinement, suppression, oppression, negligence.

It’s the movement of those who desire to Live and Love (and laugh ahahha).

Because without trusting oneself, from where is one living?

What standards, principles, rules guide the day-to-day, the future visioning?

If these standards, principles, rules are not *felt* within, they have yet to be truly embodied, understood, and expressed in its trueness.

Which is to say, that the standards, principles, and rules of someone who actively chooses to trust herself FLOW from within, a river of presence, evolution, consciousness,

not a set or list of concepts.

I continually walk the journey of learning to trust myself.

The lessons look different, but the core learning is the same.

I am vested with Infinite Intelligence, Supreme Love, Divine Presence.

It is all within me to experience for myself, to know, to love, to be engulfed in.

And it is all for me to believe in, to trust.

It’s a moment-to-moment thing, my choices, actions, decisions never looking the same from situation to situation.

It’s a constant realigning with the part of me that never changes,

the part of me that sits in a place deeper than logic and reason will ever reach.

My realigning and choosing to drop into that place within IS THE TRUSTING OF MYSELF.

Everytime I choose to go within, I am inherently *trusting* that I carry the presence, the flow, the connection that guides me, that knows the highest form of expression and beingness of me in that moment.

The act of trusting is the whole thing.

It’s not what I’m going to get out of it,

the answers,

the inspiration,

the guidance,


It’s the choosing and choosing again that validates that I am trustworthy,

that I am a truth-bearing vessel with access to non-linear non-physical Source.

And no one can tell me I am trustworthy…

it’s my choosing to trust again and again that solidifies the experience of trustworthiness.

So what does trusting myself mean to me?

It’s everything.

It’s life.

It’s truth.

It’s hope.





What does trusting you look like for you?



I wanna know what you think

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