For the Love of God Can You Just Let Life Love You

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Life loves you.

I hope you know that.

I hope you believe it.

I hope you feel it.

It really does, with all of itself.


With all of Life itself, Life loves you.

It does not feel that it is owed anything from you,

any level of productivity

or good done for humanity

or contribution

or donation

or kind deed

or positivity.

Life is not human.

Life is full of Love.

Life doesn’t expect things from you or me.

Life just wants to be felt,



by us specifically.

By you.

By me.

It has no rules, no standards, no desires outside of our deepest pleasure and joy and fulfillment.

It flows and soars and leaps and rumbles in power, majesty, magnificence….

and it only asks,

Wanna play?

Life knows it’s enough.

And so, Life knows you are enough.

Life has no demands.

Just invitations delivered every moment of the day,

via the heartstrings,

via the awareness,

via the desire for More.

Life has no cap in its giving-ness to you and me.

Life overflow and overflows and overflow,

overflows so much that overflow is normal.

You can’t even tell that it’s overflow at some point because you just gotta get lost in it all,

you won’t even know where the brim of the cup is,

because you’ll be completely engulfed, encapsulated, immersed in the goodness of Life and Love that thunders around you all day, all night, all the time.

Life really doesn’t give a shit if you’re a good person doing good things for the good of humanity.

Life really doesn’t give a shit what you did in the past or what you’re going to do in the future.

Life doesn’t give a shit about your guilt, your shame, your insecurities, your brokenness.

Life doesn’t give a shit about your reasons for why you can’t have what you want, be what you want, do what you want.

What else does Life not give a shit about?


Life doesn’t give a shit about what others think of you.

In YOUR life, Life only lives in YOU.

By that, I mean, YOU are the main character of your life,

the feature presentation,

the star attraction.

Life has come to the show for YOU.

Not for your family,

not your significant other,

not your friends,

not your work,

not your animals,

not your clients,

not your customers,

not your followers,

not your students,

not one damn person that is not you.

Life is here for YOU.

Life is here to know and be known by YOU.

Life is for YOU.

YOU are for Life.

Do you hear me?

Are you getting this?

You and Life are the perfect fit.

By Life, I don’t mean a physical living.

We know this.

Life is not physical getting by.

That’s WHY we’re unhappy – because we try to live on the surface, barely breathing, barely feeling, barely existing.

We try to skim the shallows,

trying to slip by without being seen,

without being heard,

and God forbid, being KNOWN.

Not known to the peoples, to the masses.

Being KNOWN to God, to the universe, to Life, to your motherfucking soul.

To All That Is,

to All That Loves You.

To be seen,

to know in your heart of hearts that you are home, within and without.

To know that everything is for you.

And you are for everything.

Life is for you.

Life is FOR you.

It’s not just that you guys are a good FIT.

It’s that Life is AD-VO-CAT-ING for your ass.

It’s that Life is pouring out ALL RESOURCES,

all opportunities,

all relationships,

all blessings,


in service to your happiness,

your freedom,

your love,

your groundedness,

your being-ness.

All stops pulled.

No holds barred.

Nothing left in reserve, because there is ONLY now,

there is ONLY everything right NOW.

Life holds back NOTHING for you, EVER.

There ARE no reserves, because it is ALL given to you EVERY.SINGLE.MOMENT.

Because EVERY moment is filled with EVERYTHING Life has to give you.

Every bit of Love.

And it loves to give to you.

It holds back nothing.



The degree to which you desire, Life is pulling at the reins to meet you there.

The degree to which you dream, Life is conspiring with the universe, with supernatural forces and beings to bring it to fruition, down to every little detail.

Every little detail.

Like every little detail of you.

Your body, your cells, your MILLIONS of functions you don’t know about and never will, that play a integral part to your daily life.

Your personality,

your beautiful mind,

your incredible creativity.

Your nooks and crannies,

your corners,

your edges,

your smoothness.

All your little details.

Life knows.

Life knows them all.

Life loves them all.

It’s all Life ever does.

Know you, and Love you.

Your job?


Absolutely nothing.

Except maybe, bask in that shit.

Rub it all over you.

Breathe it in.

Devour it.

Your soul is hungry.

Hungry to remember that it has always been known.

That God doesn’t have to remember you,

because you’ve never lost her gaze,

her attention,

her focus.

You’ve been the center of the universe since eons before time began.

You are perfect.

Just motherfucking perfect.

Life loves you.

Accept it.

Feel it roll slowly over your tongue,

languishing down your throat,

flowing into your body,

luxuriating through your organs,

seeping into your cells…

it’s not news to your body, your cells, your DNA.

They already know this, they already agree – you are deeply loved beyond your mind’s capacity.

It’s a matter of agreeing with what already is.

What has been, what is, what forever will be.

Life loves you.

Let Life Love You.




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