If I Could Bottle This Up And Mail It To You…

Jesus fucking Christ.



Life is good

so beautiful

so full






I just had a moment.

It started with a meditation,

really just sitting in my chair with music in my ears,

leaning into the abyss within

and dropping in…

open to invisible secrets,

inaudible whispers

intangible feelings.

I can’t get away from it

can’t get away from





How crazy it is living this life.

This life.


I feel susceptible to all of its grandness

all of its magnificence

all of its glory

all of it

every part of it

every minute detail

every vast moment

every bit of infinity


It’s here.

It’s available,

to me

and to you.

It’s always here.

It’s always true.

It’s for us.

It’s for everyone.

There’s no measure for it,

no stopping point,

no limit.

It’s constantly everlastingly perfectly flowing,

directly into us,

straight out of us,

all around,

all within.

I can’t.

I just can’t sometimes.

And at the same time,

it is what it is.

It is here.

The acceptance that this is life,

that this is Love

is so much,

too much.

Can it be true?

That Life feels this good?

Feels this good








flowing into the next,


Can it be?


How can such goodness be?

Does it end?

Will it?

Can it?

It seems, the more I live,

the more I be here,

the vaster it gets.

The realer it feels.

When I feel like I’m at the apex,

at the limit,

at some kind of arrival,

some kind of destination,

it fucking EXPANDS.






Wtf indeed.

I want to bottle this up and give it to you.

Give it to the whole world.

And the crazy part,

the BEST part of it is,

I don’t HAVE TO.

Because that shit, this shit lives inside YOU.

To the extent that I feel it,

to the extent that I’m OVERCOME by the grace of life,

the beauty of it,

the power of it,

the depth of it…




it lives EXACTLY that way inside you.

Inside every single person on this planet.

YOU are the way to it.

YOU are the DIRECT motherfucking channel to it ALL.

YOU are the EXPRESSION of it in this physical space reality.

What the F even is reality?

What the F even is truth?

Except what you feel,

what you know that you know that you know

inside of you?

Every day, I can’t believe this is life.

It’s really real.

All the way real.

Every ounce of it.

Every moment

every little detail.

Etched into your heart and mine.

You don’t need to feel it to know.

But it sure does feel good to feel it.

If you don’t though, that’s fine.

Just consider the possibility that the feeling is real,

that it’s available,

consider the possibility that life really is grand.

Let go of the ideas of what life in this moment,

let go of the ideas of how life has been, if it hasn’t felt that amazing to you,

let go of the idea that life is supposed to be any kind of way.

Let go of ideas.


Fall into it.

Fall into yourself.

Fall into God.

Fall into the space within.

Fall into it all.

Let it soak.

Let it take you.

Let it overtake you.

Let it flow you through.

Let it flow through you.

Let it minister to you.

Let it heal you.

Let the healing wash over you.

Let yourself go.

You are here.

You are now.

Life does get to be out of your mind kinda good

are you freaking kidding me kinda good

I can’t believe this shit kinda good

too good to be true kinda good

fuccccccckkk kinda good.

All kindsa good.

For you.

Just for you

exactly for you

always for you.

I’m on something else, for sure.

You can be too.

It’s in you,

in the unexpected,

the seemingly impossible,

the unperceived,

the invisible.

But it’s there,

it’s always there.

Consider it.

All of Life is considering you.


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