I Can Hear The Sound. Can You?

There’s so much noise.

Clatter, clunking, puttering, willy wallying.

Noise that comes from all directions,

surrounds me like air.

Noise that says everything and speaks nothing.

Speaks everything and says nothing.

Noise that has no real purpose,



It’s noise.




different wavelengths



Just things.

Things things things.

Neither adding nor taking away.

Amidst the noise,

there is a sound.

I might not be listening for it.

I might not even know it’s there.

But I’ll feel it.

It might be uncomfortable,


just a little too tight.

It could feel like I need just… a little more air,

a little more space,

a little more… something, anything.

It could feel like I just want to lay the fuck out and be.

Whatever it is, this sound,

it’s present.

It’s always been present.

I don’t buy the bullshit that if we don’t listen for the voice of God, Holy Spirit, whatever,

then it will fade.

God, universe, Source doesn’t withdraw herself from us, ever.

It’s against her nature.

The sound,

the calling,

the quiet silence,

it beckons.

It smiles,

it doesn’t need volume,

or thrills

or flashing lights.

It be’s,

it does its thing.

Because it knows, just like the whole of me knows,

home is home.

Home is home is home.

Home is where I come back to, always.

Home is where I belong.

Home is freedom.

Home is comfort.

Home is sweet.

Home is rest.

Home is truth.

Home is the perfect fit.

Home is the perfect state.

Home knows, everyone wants to come back to it.

Home knows, it doesn’t have to beg its natural inhabitants to come occupy it.

Natural inhabitants know where they’re meant to naturally inhabit.

I know where I’m meant to inhabit.

I know without knowing.

The sound.

It cuts through the noise.

It cuts through the side conversations,

the endless stimulations,

the interesting curiosities all around.

It cuts through,

reaching the heart,

the heart that knows it’s the heart,

because only it can hear the sound.

Because maybe…

the sound is coming from itself.

It’s coming together.

It’s all coming together,

sinking into itself,

folding into itself,

expanding into itself.

The sound draws me,

invites me to fold myself into itself,

into myself,

into my heart,

into my soul.

The sound, it beckons,





The sound, it knows,

it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

To come home.

To come home,

to me,

to God within,

to universe incarnate.

The noise remains, it’s an animal with no master.

Let it run,

it’s not meant to be tamed.

It’s not part of the equation anymore.

Because all I hear now,

is the sound,

the rhythm of my essence,

of my being-ness,

of my knowing,

of my truth.

This sound, it can’t be understood by the noise.

This sound, it is of itself,

for itself,

with itself.

It is the homing signal of my soul.

It’s the sound I live for.

It’s the sound that draws me,

to remember.

Remember me,

remember my heart,

remember my soul,

remember my essence,

remember remember remember,

remember my song.

The song of my bones,

my blood,

my DNA,

my ancestors,

my heritage,

my place in the universe,

my most intimate relations with All That Is.

The song sings itself to me,

or am I singing the song,

I don’t know.

It sings through my veins,

through the wholeness of me,

releasing the secrets of me,

of humanity,

of the universe.

It sings and sings and sings.

I listen, listen, listen.

Eyes closed, I let the song take me.

I feel humming come through,

I feel it coming through,

as if,

as if,

as if,

I am humming it myself.

The humming buzzes stronger,



until it’s sound,

coming from my vessel,

vibrating through my body.

The sound, it’s music.

It’s music that flows from a river within.

Music to which I don’t know the next note,

and yet, it flows.

Music to which I don’t know the movements,

and yet, my body dances.

The sound, 

which has become the song, 

which has become the dance,

which has taken over,

completes itself in the full expression through me.

I am the sound.

I am the music.

I am the dance.

I am home.




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