Stepping into vs. Allowing through

From this morning’s journaling

I do not align with the concept of ‘stepping into’ anything, whether a role as a teacher, healer or gifts, etc.

I understand it’s a phrase used to signify a conscious choosing into that serves many. I’m not trying to bash anyone’s positive experience with it. If it works, it works.

I feel like… it’s so much more about opening up to me, and allowing that, whatever is within me, to come through… y’know?

It’s about experiencing the wholeness already within…

knowing that it’s all inside…

and unfolding already.

And as I choose to lean into it, in that conscious partnership and becoming oneness with all aspects of me,

with that being-ness of Me, which encapsulates my gifts, destiny, purpose, permeates every part of me,

my cells, blood, body, language, perception, everything.

It’s the Allowing that is Life.

That’s everything… to me.

I think it’s why it feels weird to do things that feel outside of me.

I think I grappled a lot with the concept of stepping outside of my comfort zone.

I felt like stepping outside my comfort zone was required of me to grow, evolve, learn, etc.

There’s truth to this, but I’m also taking the space and time to acknowledge that I see and be with me in my own way.

I feel like… when we be with what is,

when we choose to heal, to acknowledge, to love all that we are…

there isn’t a comfort zone anymore…

everything is As It Is.

There’s no danger or strife or whatever out there,

no danger attached to the unknown,

because we have already embraced the unknown within us.



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