detoxing like a mf

about 1 week into cleanse (passed my first parasite that day)

i started a 12-week detox mid-january

it is a pretty intense cleanse, one i probably wouldn’t have thought to partake until this january when i heard about it.

it focuses on hydrating the body like a mf, flushing out and healing the lymphatic system, the kidneys, the liver, the adrenals, endocrine, nervous system (!!), everything.

not necessarily in that order lol

but i wanted something like that, even before i heard about the cleanse

i’m fairly fit, athletic, active, healthy

i don’t experience chronic pain or illnesses (a lot of ppl that join this program do, like diabetes, epstein barr virus, eczema, krohns (is that how you spell it?), to name a few

i just knew i had some gut issues to work out

there were telltale signs that something was off within me,

things like

– and this might be TMI for you, but not for me lol –

consistently loose stool

irregular bowel movements (sometimes i won’t go #2 for 2-3 days on the REGULAR)

regular gassiness


brain fog (yep that’s a symptom of an unhealthy gut)

bad breath

breaking out on specific parts of my face (one time i had 4 zits come thru at the SAME time in the SAME area on right corner of my mouth. SO FUN AND ATTRACTIVE lol).

and aside from an unhealthy gut, i knew i wanted to address other things like 

hair loss (started in my early 20’s. it’s not a terribly huge loss, but i wouldn’t expect to lose the amount of hair i did at that age)


stomach pains to the right side in the mornings if i eat late or eat heavy the night before (probably something to do with my liver).

i knew at some level within me, that the way to heal all or most of these was through a deep cleanse and so i signed on.

i’m on my third week and it’s been quite a process incorporating all parts of the detox into my everyday.

it’s not just eating a certain kind of food (a lot of it is, tho lol), it’s also stuff like

note – there are affiliate links here, and if you purchase using these links, i may receive a commission (is that what it’s called?) at NO cost to you, my friend 🙂

– clearing sinuses using a neti pot (feels weird at first, but i like it now)

– sitting in a sauna (at first when i saw that we needed to sit in a sauna, i was like WTF WHO do you think we ARE?? that we’d all have saunas at home lol. but portable saunas are a real thing.)

– dry brushing (this is one of my fave! you can check out the one i use here)

– doing a baking soda and vodka (yes, vodka) paste

– gargling with coconut oil (this grossed me out SO MUCH)

scraping my tongue (so satisfying to see all the gunk come off lol)

enemas (lol we ain’t playing here. truly grossed out at first, but it’s a must)

what else…

i think that’s it.

anyway, at this moment, i just feel like magic is happening.

i’ve passed and have been passing parasites like no other

(i may share photos in another post…. but they’re pretty graphic lol. i may just be projecting since i’m so grossed out.)

and i can’t believe i considered myself ‘fairly healthy’ before the cleanse lol

i feel like i’m clearing so much shit, literally and figuratively and emotionally and spiritually lol

since the cleanse started, i’ve cleaned my apartment (with Soul’s help),

cleared out the shower drain (it’s been clogged for a minute now),

and cleared out my fridge (well i kinda had to because of all the freaking celery and fruit).

there is so much movement happening at all levels

and i really feel… in the process.

yes, that’s the term.

i really feel like i’m working through a lot of stuff that i may not be aware of consciously, but it’s all in line with my ongoing personal journey and evolution.

i feel like all the emotional and spiritual work i’ve done so far is supporting my intention to heal, restore, honor my physical body and thrive in my physical experience.

like i don’t have to struggle to get through the daily steps, to do the things i don’t really feel like doing or feel like i don’t have the time to do.

it feels like i take the detox for what it is, feel all the feels while going through it, and continue choosing, always choosing what i desire deeply, which in this case, is true healing and restoration.

it feels like my physical health wraps up the full circle of healing i’ve been doing.

not to say that i’m done healing at all after this, but it feels like a really big step in the whole human experience i want for myself, one in which every part of me is aligned with who i truly am and what i want to do in this life.

you know what i mean?

like so much of the emotional and spiritual have been addressed, healed, released…

and now my body is the next ‘logical’ step.

and i’m here for it.

i’m here for allllllllllll of it.

i want whatever is for me.

i want what i am for.

and right now, this is it.

this is mf it.

i’m grateful.

grateful not just to be in this journey,

but grateful that i’m doing this journey the way i’m doing it.

in my way, in the way that comes thru easily and truly from within me.

i feel like there’s a certain level of mastery within that has been cultivated, and it yields an incredible opening and synergy with everything i choose to engage in, try, experience, know what i mean?

like the platform i stand on is inherently coded/geared for uplevelment, healing, rising, expansion and i just ride the wave of whatever journey and experience i choose.

it’s a high, for sure.

for sure.

i love me.



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