boop beep boop

PC: Soul <3

hello world

stopping by

to let you know

i’m alive

and very well

probably well-er than ever before

but i realize that’s a theme,

always more xyz than before,

trending in the better grander higher deeper magnificent-er direction.

quite magical how that is the case all the time

so easy

so flow

so good

i just show up

i do me

i be me

and everything falls into place

a part of me wants to caveat that it’s not always as easy as i’m making it out to be

but i feel like i’m projecting what i thought life was supposed to be on you, my reader

i assume you are someone who understands that life is beautiful in its ups and downs

that there are no ups without downs

etc etc etc

the whole of it is perfect and whole and masterful in all its messiness, seeming chaos, happenings.

so yeah that’s me.

just dandy.

oh and utterly grateful to be me.

happy sunday, bishes.







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