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PC: Soul <3 i just need to make it known that doing this scared the shit out of me. this picture would not exist without the encouragement of Soul lol.

i remember learning about the pineal gland and its role in awakening, its connection to consciousness

i also remember learning that fluoride was a chemical blocker, something that calcified the pineal gland, preventing people from awakening, seeing the truth, etc etc etc

i remember being told that the ‘evil’ forces of the world (lol) made toothpaste with fluoride intentionally, to inhibit the pineal gland, keeping us in the dark about the truth about life, power, etc.

once i heard that, i switched over to non-fluoride toothpaste

my ears perked when i heard any kind of information like this, things where the government, corporations, the rich, those in authority try to impose their sinister agendas on the ‘less fortunate’

no way was i going to be a sucker to these dark forces (ha)

but then i also realize,

there is really nothing that can stop the natural progression of humanity, which is,








etc etc etc

i know it doesn’t seem like that, with all the things happening in the world,

but to me,

i am seeing a constant, upward spiral of everything i mentioned above, in my life and those around me.

i mean, just looking at my journey,

seeing where i came from,

growing up in a very devout family, with a heritage of generations of Christians,

raised to believe in the American dream,

that America is the powerful and truly influential country that i read in history books,

that having a job is the center of security…

all these things…

and i see, with all of these things engrained in my head, i’ve still chosen something different,

something that is true to me,

feels true to me.

i see that, in spite of all the conspiracies about keeping the underdog the underdog, about the powerful keeping the ‘less powerful’ in the dark,

that i, and others like me, keep choosing

i choose to stay in the responsibility to myself, to my ultimate health, well-being, and freedom

and even from the deepest depths of oblivion, ignorance, and ‘safety’, it’s possible to seek something greater than what has already been shown to me

and not only is it possible,

it’s inevitable

i feel myself cringing a little, embarrassed to say something that sounds so ‘strong’ and final lol

but i feel like, that’s just how it is.

i’ve lived it, as cheesy as it sounds

i know what it feels like to wonder, to contemplate a being-ness outside of what i’d been taught, given, handed down

i know what it feels like to be so curious, curious enough to want to step outside the seen, the predictable, the known

i know what it feels like to feel torn when the curiosity no longer was a curiosity, but a need, a hunger, a relentlessness to find out what the fuck i really am and what life really is about

i know what it feels like to venture out, beyond the separation between the known and unknown

it feels like huge motherfucking heart-shriveling soulfear, i’ll tell ya

i literally thought i might die, that god might smite me for being so audacious, so bold, so ungrateful for being dissatisfied with what i already had, knew, was.

and still, i jumped the cliff

because underneath all the comfort and okay-ness, it was not okay, it was not comfortable.

and so i journeyed,

i journeyed my ass all the way here

and it is NOTHING like what i thought it would be

could never have imagined.

i talk about how good it is today, but that’s really beside the point.

the point of my ted talk today, is that i, you, we are mf CODED for GOOD, for LOVE, for FREEDOM, for TRUTH, for LIFE TO THE MF FULL

it’s just a fact of life

i can confirm it

and there is NOTHING that be said or done to stop that evolution, no matter how ‘slow’ of an evolution you judge it to be,

no matter how ‘small’ of shift i perceive is being made over time.

i can use stupid fluoride toothpaste in peace now

i can use any gatdamn toothpaste i damn well please

because the truth is the truth

and all that needs to be in place to change the mf world is an openness, a desire, no matter how MINISCULE, to see, breathe, experience, even just the TINIEST bit of grandeur of LIFE itself,

to taste just a little taste of LOVE,

to feel just a little feel of the glory and ABSOULUTE RIDICULOUS MAGNIFICENCE of who we are.

just that

that’s all

and i know, in my heart of hearts, that desire lives in EVERYONE.

even those who seem closed, righteous, fearful, etc etc etc.

because i was once closed, righteous, fearful, etc etc etc.

and here i am.

walking along my path, living a freedom that was never taught to me, against the ‘odds’ of a world ‘controlled’ by fear

just know,

everything is possible






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