the voice & me

it’s a meeee

this conversation with god/universe/who knows came through this morning. enjoy.

voice: You don’t need to meditate as much as you think you do… moving throughout the day being aware of Being… is enough. That’s everything. Everything flows from that place. You are familiar with that place, yes, still… Inquire within, is this true?

me: i feel like i *am* Being every moment. even when things get crazy, i’m aware of it and i even enjoy it.

voice: Well then… there you have it…. what more could you be asking for?

me: i want to consciously *create*, *feel* abundant, so that i attract abundance, freedom, etc etc etc. i want to FEEL amazing, all the time. i just want to feel good.

voice: Why is that? What do you get out of it?

me: i feel like when i feel good, the world, the universe feels so close to me, i feel i like i can do anything and i’m more likely *to* do something. y’know? when i feel shitty.. things feel heavy.

voice: When you do feel shitty, why do you think you feel that?

me: i forget… who i am, i forget my birthright in those moments. all i feel like… *i* need to do something to ‘get out of’ the situation, you know?

voice: In those moments, there is nothing to ‘get out of’. There is only moving from that moment and it can only be done from within that moment… being fully in it, in you, of you, for you.

The feeling itself is a secondary experience. If you can tap into the place below that… you’re tapped into the creative energy that creates worlds.

So it’s really not just about shifting emotions or attitudes. It’s about being so immersed in the deepest, truest part of Who You Are… and choosing from that place.

And remember, there is judgment about what’s good or bad to choose. You simply choose.

me: no good or bad, huh

voice: Yes. The moment you assign good or bad, you’re caught outside of you, the True You, the True Self.

Feel Free to choose whatever comes through you without qualifying it, without even having to under it.

It’s good enough for us that you choose. It matters not What you choose, you are still, inevitably fulfilling your purpose of experiencing ourselves through you. It is all quite good enough. Really perfect, actually.

me: you don’t feel like i take too long to learn certain things? or choose quickly enough? i feel so stuck so often… i want to feel better more easily…

voice: Unlike humans, we are not moving toward anything. We Are What We Are… All That Is. We are Everything. There’s nowhere to get to, for us.

We delight in experiencing life, all of it, all the ‘shittiness’ all the ‘goodness’ through you. this is our purpose and you fulfill it EVERY DAY.

That’s why you’re *still* here. You’re still plugged into the 3D… you ARE fulfilling your purpose. Every second. Every cell is alive for THIS purpose, for YOU to do and be Who You Are in any given moment.

me: but in the moments that i feel shitty, how am i being Who I Am?

voice: Are you ever *not* Who You Are?

me: no… but my experience doesn’t feel like it, it doesn’t feel *good*. that’s what i expect the experience of Who I Am to feel like.

voice: You’ve labeled yourself… and are complaining about the prison you chose to lock yourself into. It is good enough to us that you are where you are in life.

It is good enough to us that you feel what you feel and any given moment. What do you feel is *so* important to ‘work’ towards so much so, you create stress, anxiety, worry about it? What is the purpose you seek?

me: to feel good (lol)

voice: To seek that, you will never achieve it. You damn the moments where you don’t feel good. How will you ever get to the place of actually feeling good, which is *below* (beyond) the experience, the dichotomy of good and bad?

me: okay fine. that makes sense. so i just need to be aware. i don’t need to pull or push or try my way to what i desire. i guess, my desires are written in my dna and they are MEANT to come to fruition.

so all i really have to do is be aware of that (what a glorious truth) and choose simply, easily how i want to feel about every moment… and since every moment is FOR me, always leading me home, to Truth, everything i do… is perfect.

i can’t get it wrong… there is no wrong.

voice: Bingo.




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