making nothing out of something

i think i used to think of alignment (with higher self, source, god, etc.) as a thread,

a very thin thread that i was to wrap my thoughts, words, actions, essence around,

to connect with All That Is,

to tap into my ‘true nature’, etc etc etc.

like the thread is a certain standard, a certain way of being/thinking/doing that unlocks the universe…

sometimes attained through meditation,

or through intentional journaling,

or breathwork

or different kinds of medicines

or by being in nature

or or or

all of those have the potential to get me in the state of alignment

for sure

and also, i see that i used them as the standard, as *the* way of tuning into what’s True in the moment

i realize now, that alignment feels more like… breathing the air available to me right now,




letting the air fill me,

while knowing that i am in communion with the air.

and the air is breathing me just the same,

with the same delight and joy of knowing me,

surrounding me,

even loving me,

as i feel when i breathe to my edges

and ebb back into my depths.

i realize, i am the definition of alignment,

there is no definition outside of us.

it’s within, in our cells to feel into,

to ooze into,

to melt into.

it’s not even about becoming, because i feel like, we carry the blueprint of connection, of oneness, of love, of perfection…

it’s just that we forgot.

or at least, i did.

and then i tried to attribute alignment, the very nature of Who I Am, to some*thing*.

and it never felt as good as simply breathing the moment,

of feeling the moment breathing me,

of being reminded by my very own cells, that All is Well.

it’s a sweet place to be.

quite chill and peaceful.

if it sounds like i’m about to doze off while writing,

i absolutely am.

i’m in bed,

or rather, on my bed, haven’t quite made it under covers,

feeling the weight of sleep sink into me…

breathing the breath that is just so perfect for this moment,

and wishing you only the most best of everything in life.

you deserve it, my friend.





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