inevitable (r)evolution

i can feel things shifting

it feels natural

yet new

new yet


natural in that i’m not consciously trying to shift anything

also in that it feels easy, meant to be, simple

i feel like i’m just a vessel…

aren’t we all?

everything within that wants to be,

wants to come through,

wants to… *be*.

so fascinating how much we’re taught to not be

to specifically not be what we are,

in our natural, easy state.

so fascinating how much we’re taught not to trust ourselves,

so much so that we grow up afraid of what’s within,

and then on top of that,

scared of the scorn and disdain and diminishment we might endure from others if they found out what we were foolish enough to believe in our dreams..

so interesting that we are taught to neglect, distrust, shame our natural desires, our natural bodily functions and inclinations…

disown our sexuality, a core experience of who we are as humans…

for what?


after all these years, i can’t find another reason for separating us from our truth, our goodness, the absolutely overflowing Life that bubbles within us…

unless there’s something to be gained from the separation.

because it, the illusion of separation, couldn’t simply happen by nature

the illusion itself is not natural.

so, what could be beneficial in compelling us to forget who we are?

the only answer i can come up with is…

there are people, beings, things that understand that in order to control and manipulate us, we have to forget who we are.

which really is a testament to how powerful we are,

that in order for us to be controlled, we cannot be brutalized, because surely, we would harness our true nature and be done with the oppression.

no, the way would be to dismember us from our own presence, our own breath, our own knowing.

to assist in the daily murder of the remembrance of our souls and hearts,

because we cannot own what we do not know, what we do not remember…

why would this be done?

honestly, i still don’t get it…

i mean, i hear the stories about using humans as batteries and energy sources…

but are there really beings in the universe that are so dull and ignorant that *this* is the way to achieve an objective?

to attempt to enslave an entire race

and destroy Gaia, a manifestation of infinite intelligence?

it’s fascinating to me.

it does feel a little weird writing about it.

these things have been on my mind these past few months.

it’s felt a little conspiracy theorist of me to actually share about it…

but i’ve gone down the rabbit hole far enough.

if i’m wrong, there still needs to be an explanation for all the bullshit that’s happened,

the way we kill our fellow humans in the name of politics and power,

manipulate the media to transmit images and narratives that are completely false in order to create fear and false perspectives that support the very people that are manipulating the media,

manipulate food and food supply to do harm, rather than nourish and strengthen the people,

brainwash our children starting from kindergarten, all the way through college,

create wars disguised as bids for peace and diplomacy…

where does it end?

the deception has been so real for so long…

but it does end.

it ends here.

not this here, as in this point of the blog post you’re reading.

but this here, where we ask questions to which the answers have always been around us, not even hidden anymore,

this here, where we wonder why things are the way they are and genuinely open ourselves to receive the answers.

it does end.

it ends with us re-membering ourselves to Truth, to Love, to Presence…

it ends with us choosing Who We Are, rather than what we’ve been taught we are.

it ends with us opening our eyes to our whole beingness, the beingness that goes beyond our physical bodies, 

the beingness that expands dimensions, courses with eternal infinite consciousness…

it ends here.

a quiet realization.

that perhaps life has been misrepresented for a very long time,

perhaps we have been grossly misguided about Who We Are,

about our dreams and desires,

about the connection we house within to universe without…

a quiet realization,

a gentle homecoming.

for what it is meant to be, will be

and it’s happening now,

many are waking up,

in their timing,

always perfect.

and many have woken up.

we are in the thick of it.

thank goddess.






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