an ode

you can’t tell, but i’m crying in this photo while on a hike. pms is fr. pc: soul <3

i’d like to start off this post by shouting out my friend Anna

this one is for you lol

every month i want to disappear into a hole

and never come out

i want to ball up into nothingness

and never be found

every month my reason for living is reset

idk why i’m alive

every month i spiral out of me

and then back into me

emerging on the other side

like a bipolar butterfly

forgetting the blah-ness that life was

in the midst of

my menstruation.

crazy how this happens every month

to various degrees,

but every month, nonetheless,

and every time,

it feels like it’s my first time.

memory of a goldfish,

both bliss



an ode to womanhood.

Anna, i didn’t expect this post to be about what it’s about lol

but i’m glad i wrote it

and i’m glad for you 🙂



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2 responses to “an ode”

  1. Anna Avatar

    Love it 😍😍 welcome to the thirties. Fourties will be way better – promise

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Thirties has been amazing. I loves it.

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