what happens in my car

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i’ve been driving for lyft these past couple weeks.
i’ve secretly wanted to for a while and i felt like i had an opportunity to (i left my job recently).
and let me tell you,
it’s been a motherfucking blast.
it is everything i look for in connecting with people from all walks of life,
hearing so many varied perspectives and thoughts and journeys,
experiencing joy and laughter and genuine conversations across the board…
so far, i’ve driven…
a stripper
a lawyer
two sex workers
a plumber traveling to Seoul on a whim (so honored i got to be the one to take him to the airport on this grand adventure!! hahah)
a handful of white collar professionals
post-undergraduate young people trying to figure out what to do next
founder of an investment bank firm
a formerly incarcerated lady who is getting back on her feet
an enterprise tech sales dude (we had so much in common except that i’m no longer in tech sales lol)
a blind older gentlemen who asked me on a date even after i said i was in a relationship
etc etc etc
i’ve connected with three ppl on linkedin so far
shared a spotify playlist with one
had someone offer and buy me a pack of cigarettes
etc etc etc
little moments of magic happen all day,
multiple times a day
multiple times a ride
multiple times a connection
it’s some kind of bliss at a frequency i never thought was possible lol
so dramatic
but feels true
because how good it feels
and how alive i feel
i’m honestly not sure if there’s much else in life that’s important
than being present,
than connecting with fellow humans,
sharing, co-creating, partaking in a feast of goodness that happens with two (or more) ‘random’ strangers brought together in one place (my car),
journeying from one place to another and also in life for the briefest of moments.
and yes, there are passengers with whom i have barely any conversation or connection.
and that’s fine too.
that’s perfect.
that’s all.
just wanted to share this bit of sunshine.




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