lyft: nyc gals

me in nyc 2017. felt it was an appropriate accompaniment to this post loll.

i drove two girls visiting from new york to their last dinner in LA

they were on a scouting trip, to see if they would like to relocate to LA

and of course, the one thing they really liked about the west coast is that it’s so much more chill lol

of everyone that visits from the east coast, that is the most common noticeable difference — the pace of life

it expresses through ppl actually waiting for the walk sign to turn on before crossing the street

slower, chiller service in restaurants

less hurrying on the streets

etc etc etc

anyway, they were very sweet and they may actually be reading this now lol

they seemed really aligned with each other — they met in a disaster relief volunteer campaign (idk what they actually call it)

and they decided to move together to a couple cities.

it was easy to tell they enjoyed each other’s companies and shared core values.

i really appreciated our conversation — it was light and comfortable,

but we still touched on things that mattered to me, and i think to them too.

just the type of work we want to do,

the way we want to work (work to live vs live to work),

the way we want to live,

the way we want to feel about the way we live and work,

etc etc etc

they were a few years younger than me, but for some reason, i felt like they had more of their shit together than i did lol

no judgment on me,

just an observation haha

they seemed to know what was important to them,

and were to able to create the roles/jobs that aligned with them

and they found fulfillment in those jobs.

so good.

maybe i’m meant to be a lyft driver for the rest of my life lollll

i mean, i really wouldn’t mind,

even those passengers that don’t talk much — that’s also something for another post

anyway, i wish them the best in their work and their relocation to the west/best coast 😉 hahah


if you’re reading this, thanks for being so awesome and sweet. hope you had an amazing night out and safe travels to SD! may the amtrak gods be kind to you 🙂



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  1. Anna Bong Avatar
    Anna Bong

    I want to be your Lyft passenger one day! It sounds like a lot of fun to be blessed by your presence.

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