lyft: couples therapy

i picked up P and J on a saturday night in downtown long beach

the area where i picked them up was a shitshow with lb pride happening that weekend

they live in ktown and came out to lb to celebrate J’s bday

she turned 30 during the ride so yay for that

we started off laughing uncontrollably about how some people will eat leftovers from a week ago, no matter how questionable,

and others won’t touch a dish if it’s been left out for an hour

and then those two types of people get together


i wonder if you can guess which one i am, and which one Soul is bahahah

anyway, the energy in the car was palpable, and i ventured to ask how they met

J was out with a bunch of girlfriends at a restaurant, when P walked by

J immediately got googly eyes for him but didn’t have the courage to approach him,

so her friend walked over and let P know that he had an admirer

P then came by later and asked for J’s number

and the rest is history

that was 4 years ago.


they asked how i met Soul, and i told them my bit,

how i thought we wouldn’t even be friends lol

then i asked what they loved or liked about each other

i felt like i was tv show host,

asking all the questions i wanted,

creating the environment i wanted to create.

P said – J is his best friend, the one he is most himself with

in addition to feeling like P is her bff, J said – P teaches her things without making her feel stupid or less than

awwww very cute

i then asked if they knew what their top love languages are

and J asked if i was a therapist or something lollll

and then if P had hired me and planted me so we could have this very entertaining and enlightening conversation about their relationship lol

i joked and said yes, i am!! bahahah

anyway, P’s top love language was… crap i don’t remember,

but i do remember the reason why i asked what their love languages were –

P had expressed his excitement and pleasure about a gift he had prepared to give to J for her bday the next day

i could sense his anticipation and desire to give to his partner and so i was curious if gifts were his love language

he said it wasn’t — oh it’s coming back to me — it’s quality time and physical touch.

then J said hers were quality time, acts of service, and words of affirmation

it was so fun and cool and interesting to be part of their own exploration of each other and their relationship,

like watching a couple dance from the sideline, yknow?

and we all just had great chemistry with nonstop laughing and openness all the way to drop off.

so fun!!

10/10 – would definitely drive them again 🙂

J – happy (belated) bday! you’re beautiful and adorable. good luck on your acting journey!

P – thanks for being so hilarious. seeing how much you adore J was adorable and sweet. excited for you two!




2 responses to “lyft: couples therapy”

  1. Anna Bong Avatar
    Anna Bong

    My first thought wassss, you are the non-leftover partner then I was like …… wait, 80’s Korean kiddos are drilled into their heads that if we don’t finish all that food or leftovers, think about the starving children in the world.

    Nah, going with my first answer. Am I wrong? Am I right bahahah

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Hahah I am the “I will eat anything as long as it doesn’t look or smell (too) weird” lolll

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