From the desk of your CEO and Captain,

I would like to thank you for being a courageous player in this Game of Life. I know you didn't have to, or you could have been less involved or whatever. But you so daringly jump in, yielding relentlessly to faith, truth, freedom. Your desire to live and live fully is magnificent. You are a gorgeous… Continue reading From the desk of your CEO and Captain,

Reframing disappointment – 62/100

It wasn't until very recently that I've been operating life from a fear of disappointment. That wasn't very surprising, to be honest. It helped me understand why I didn't go for things, why I held my breath for the other shoe to drop, why I detached myself from desires, wants, hopes. To be honest, it… Continue reading Reframing disappointment – 62/100

Too different, a little wild, then and now – 39/100

A guy once said he wouldn't date me because I was too different, a little wild. At the time, I was offended because I really really liked him - a lot. Like a lot lot. I could not understand what he saw, why he didn't see what I saw, or wanted to see. That we'd… Continue reading Too different, a little wild, then and now – 39/100