I told my mom I’m dating a non-male

Me: Mom, I have something to tell you. Mom: What? Silence Me: It's kind of hard to say. Mom: What? Silence Mom: Just say it. Me: I know... but... Silence Me: I'm dating someone Silence Me: Not a man Mom: ? Me: I'm dating that friend I brought over a couple months ago Silence Mom:… Continue reading I told my mom I’m dating a non-male

Eyes, soul, heart – 51/100

Her eyes, so piercing and inviting, soul, so wild and free heart, so open and willing. The depth both scares and draws, like a moth to flame dancing to possible death There's nothing to do but leap, jump that cliff, challenge gravity, defy the emptiness of failed connections. Thoughts, feelings, decisions feel seemingly recklessness until… Continue reading Eyes, soul, heart – 51/100

Too different, a little wild, then and now – 39/100

A guy once said he wouldn't date me because I was too different, a little wild. At the time, I was offended because I really really liked him - a lot. Like a lot lot. I could not understand what he saw, why he didn't see what I saw, or wanted to see. That we'd… Continue reading Too different, a little wild, then and now – 39/100

What my Lyft driver taught me about my parents

My Lyft driver from LAX to home was a middle-aged Korean man. I knew he was Korean because of the name displayed in the app but I still cautiously asked what his nationality was - in English at first. In his second language, he said Yes and fell into awkward silence. Middle-aged Korean men don't… Continue reading What my Lyft driver taught me about my parents