What’s your humanity? – 44/100

The other day, I opened the front door, carrying my backpack and lunch bag, ready to hit up a café for the day when I looked down and saw a medium-sized Amazon box. Without thinking, I let out a shriek of happiness and shouted to my brother, mom – to whoever was in earshot that… Continue reading What’s your humanity? – 44/100

My friends are the MF best (my brother is too) – 42/100

The day after I wrote that I had a perfect day, I had an even perfect-er day. Completely unexpected, wild, and full. Life is too damn good. Here's how it went down. My brother, Jed, had been telling me to keep June 10th reserved. He said he wanted to take me out for my birthday.… Continue reading My friends are the MF best (my brother is too) – 42/100

Pretty much a perfect day – 41/100

Today was a perfect day. It started yesterday. I had pumped my bike tires and gotten my gear out and ready so I can get going without too much thinking. I got a decent amount of sleep. That's the best, I'm realizing more and more. I went on my bike ride to the beach, riding… Continue reading Pretty much a perfect day – 41/100

My First Adult Heartbreak pt. 1 of 2

My first and only (thus far) adult heartbreak happened when I was 25/26. It happened with a guy I met on a dating app who happened to live 5 minutes from me. He had this bad boy streak about him, a mysterious dark vibe that indicated he'd been through some kind of hell and back. He once… Continue reading My First Adult Heartbreak pt. 1 of 2