Beginning of a manifesto – 72/100

Have you ever felt like you've been asked all your life to live someone else's life? Have you ever felt like the person you are is a stranger - to yourself? That the image staring back from the mirror couldn't be further from who you are? Have you ever felt at a loss of words… Continue reading Beginning of a manifesto – 72/100

That which does not serve you breaks you – 56/100

Back in the day, 9 out of 10 human beings that found out I was a runner, asked me if I listen to music when I run. 9 out of 9 times, I answered, No, hell no. For some reason, this always seemed to surprise them. I always gave the explanation - Listening to music… Continue reading That which does not serve you breaks you – 56/100

You are invited – 53/100

This past weekend, a friend, Lauren, asked me a question that stopped me dead in my tracks. Before I share what my friend asked, I'd like to give some context around the situation. The question stemmed from an earlier conversation(s) in which I labelled what I was sharing as "woo-woo" and treated myself like I… Continue reading You are invited – 53/100

The process – 50/100

I turned off the lights. I pulled back the covers, slowly lowered myself on my bed, and laughed to myself saying, I think there's something I'm forgetting to do... Whatever! And then I remember the 100 day challenge. Hahaha. My life. So here I am. Another day. There are so many moments in the day… Continue reading The process – 50/100