Remembering me – 71/100

I read through an old journal post. It was more of a random stream of consciousness inspired by a weekend at my Spiritual Psychology program. I feel a little shy sharing this because it sounds narcissistic. It sounds conceited, self-absorbed, even self-righteous. There's a voice that says, "Don't expose your inner thoughts, they might offend… Continue reading Remembering me – 71/100

Eyes, soul, heart – 51/100

Her eyes, so piercing and inviting, soul, so wild and free heart, so open and willing. The depth both scares and draws, like a moth to flame dancing to possible death There's nothing to do but leap, jump that cliff, challenge gravity, defy the emptiness of failed connections. Thoughts, feelings, decisions feel seemingly recklessness until… Continue reading Eyes, soul, heart – 51/100