the grace flow

stories of becoming

  • cheers


    i had lunch with a new friend somewhere along the conversation, she shared with me that she respects her dad so much, that she looks up to him to most out of everyone she knows i smiled, my heart warmed i responded “that is so beautiful to hear…” and i could hear the habit within…

  • tears for another lifetime

    i teared up today thinking about my dad in another lifetime happy, fulfilled, feeling loved.

  • so hilarious it’s not even funny

    so hilarious it’s not even funny

    it’s hilarious, isn’t it it is, to me the idea that i think i know something, think i know myself think i know period. example i thought i knew how to be and i did for a brief moment that moment being the moment i experienced myself fully and not a moment after just that…

  • inevitable (r)evolution

    inevitable (r)evolution

    i can feel things shifting it feels natural yet new new yet natural natural in that i’m not consciously trying to shift anything also in that it feels easy, meant to be, simple i feel like i’m just a vessel… aren’t we all? everything within that wants to be, wants to come through, wants to……

  • just one

    just one

    healing takes one person it takes one person to heal if you read what i write regularly, you know what i mean not that i write regularly but that you read what i write when i write whenever that happens to be lol anyway it’s quite a wonderful thing, that it takes one person to…

  • so many tears

    so many tears

    so many tears so much crying so many emotions not many thoughts not much intellectual understanding so much understanding at the cellular level so many things moving so many wounds healing so much liberation in the slightest shift from one moment to the next being able to hold myself through it all, and allow myself…

  • mom


    about ten years ago, i had an ‘incident’ i was very involved in the church, serving as a teacher in high school ministry. i had amazing relationships with my students, sophomore girls. i knew they saw me a friend that they deeply respected i.e. someone with ‘authority’ who never pulled the authority card. i loved…

  • threads


    it feels like such an interesting time for me right now i feel like i’m coming face to face with more layers of myself than i knew existed but when i see them, it also doesn’t surprise me there were hints and breadcrumbs of these layers all throughout my life and i’m just now piecing…

  • making nothing out of something

    making nothing out of something

    i think i used to think of alignment (with higher self, source, god, etc.) as a thread, a very thin thread that i was to wrap my thoughts, words, actions, essence around, to connect with All That Is, to tap into my ‘true nature’, etc etc etc. like the thread is a certain standard, a…

  • the voice & me

    the voice & me

    this conversation with god/universe/who knows came through this morning. enjoy. voice: You don’t need to meditate as much as you think you do… moving throughout the day being aware of Being… is enough. That’s everything. Everything flows from that place. You are familiar with that place, yes, still… Inquire within, is this true? me: i…

  • road ragin 4eva

    road ragin 4eva

    Road rage is a daily part of my life Well maybe not daily Since I don’t drive every day But you get what I mean Curse words pop out of my mouth as easy as breathing Judgements about others not using their blinkers Or driving just over speed limit in the left lane Or hesitating…