The process – 50/100

I turned off the lights. I pulled back the covers, slowly lowered myself on my bed, and laughed to myself saying, I think there's something I'm forgetting to do... Whatever! And then I remember the 100 day challenge. Hahaha. My life. So here I am. Another day. There are so many moments in the day… Continue reading The process – 50/100

Everything and then some – 49/100

Life can be Shitty Imperfect Lonely Depressing A prison Painful Annoying A struggle Excruciating A war An uphill battle Calamitous Chaos A maze.... or labyrinth And Life can seem Purposeless Empty Never-ending A drag Impossible A pain in the ass Like hell Unnecessary Unfair Spiteful Full of fear A dead-end Boring Confusing Somewhere along the… Continue reading Everything and then some – 49/100

I feel like I’ve been getting pretty vulnerable on this blog here – 48/100

And part of the reason is I'm running out of things to say. I guess I'm running of socially normal and accepted topics and thoughts. I'm sure there's more of those in my head somewhere but sometimes when I write, and especially when I'm trying to meet a quota, I simply write. I don't have… Continue reading I feel like I’ve been getting pretty vulnerable on this blog here – 48/100

What’s your humanity? – 44/100

The other day, I opened the front door, carrying my backpack and lunch bag, ready to hit up a café for the day when I looked down and saw a medium-sized Amazon box. Without thinking, I let out a shriek of happiness and shouted to my brother, mom – to whoever was in earshot that… Continue reading What’s your humanity? – 44/100

“When silence told me to shut up” – 43/100

I'm going to post something I wrote for a weekly email because it very clearly describes what I've been going through. Not only because I want to capitalize on my writing (share one time's work more than once), but to share what one of my weekly emails looks like. If you like, there's a subscribe… Continue reading “When silence told me to shut up” – 43/100