Everything and then some – 49/100

Life can be Shitty Imperfect Lonely Depressing A prison Painful Annoying A struggle Excruciating A war An uphill battle Calamitous Chaos A maze.... or labyrinth And Life can seem Purposeless Empty Never-ending A drag Impossible A pain in the ass Like hell Unnecessary Unfair Spiteful Full of fear A dead-end Boring Confusing Somewhere along the… Continue reading Everything and then some – 49/100

I Am Not Paying Attention In Class

I forgot which song on Power106, but in the midst of the raunchy lyrics and cheesy confessions, one line caught my ear: "I want you to want me." I had to stop a second because it was probably one of the deepest lines I'd heard on the radio since... ever haha. It's not "Take your… Continue reading I Am Not Paying Attention In Class